6,000 Reported Gas Leaks, Now What?

First he reported how Washington Gas would reserve blocks of parking spaces in tight Georgetown residential areas with no sign of work. Then it was masked gas men in the neighborhood. Now Georgetown resident Ed Segal has met with Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners to share his biggest concern: a gas company report last year revealing more than 6,000 gas leaks in the city, with no indication what the company is doing about them.

“I’ve done deep dives into gas company documents looking for any substantive progress report on what is being done. Nothing,” Segal said. Similarly, he reported that he could find no information in the company’s 40-year plan about what has been done over the last five years to replace antiquated gas pipes throughout the city.

Commissioners Jim Wilcox, Rick Murphy and Joe Gibbons expressed interest and concern about Segal’s complaints to the company about their lack of accountability, transparency and communication, according to Segal. He plans further study and action shortly


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