A Solar Eclipse Brings Us Together … Briefly

For a brief time, from sea to shining sea, the Great American Solar Eclipse brought neighbors, office workers, strangers and citizens together to stare at the moon moving in front of the sun to cast a powerful shadow.

The shadow of totality — from Oregon to Nebraska and Illinois and onto Kentucky and South Carolina — had some holding their breath at what was truly an awesome spectacle. In the zones of partiality, which included Washington, D.C., the scene was not quite the showstopper.

Nevertheless, from around 1 to 3 p.m., on Monday, Aug. 21, those in the nation’s capital looking to the heavens were quietly thrilled when they spied the eclipse, after putting on the proper sunglasses. People freely shared the glasses with those who did not have them and enjoyed the celestial coincidence together. And then it was over.


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