Hillary Clinton: Back at the Hilltop

Former Secretary of State, senator, presidential candidate and first lady Hillary Clinton returned to Georgetown University the morning of Monday, Feb. 5, to give a vigorous overview of women’s issues and to proclaim women’s rights — and all the ways women strive to solve the world’s problems.

Clinton was back at Gaston Hall to present the 2018 Hillary Rodham Clinton awards to former ISIS prisoner Nadia Murad, Rohingya advocate for peace in Myanmar Wai Wai Nu and BBC international correspondent Lyse Doucet for her reporting. The awards event is held annually by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, whose mission is “to individuals advancing women’s role in creating a more peaceful and secure world.” Since its beginning, Clinton has been active in the institute, headed by Ambassador Melanne Verveer.

“Part of the American DNA is standing up for human rights,” said Clinton, who acknowledged “the steady drumbeat” of women’s voices during the time of #MeToo and affirmed that woman belong in many places “from the C-suite … to the peace table.” Today is “a watershed moment,” she added.

“I still believe in truth, evidence, facts,” Clinton said. “There is no such thing as alternative reality, and we have to make sure that we don’t try to live in it or let anybody else push us to live in it either.

“Now, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all that’s going on … on the world stage and here at home,” she said. “I know that. I get overwhelmed at least a dozen times a day.

“Advancing the rights, opportunities and full participation of women and girls is the great unfinished business of the 21st century,” Clinton said. “I intend to keep fighting to pursue this agenda and to remain on the front lines of democracy.

“But what can you do?” she asked the students in the audience. “What will you decide … to make our world a better place?

“Do not grow weary,” Clinton concluded. “Make your own mark on the world.”



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