New Bar at 1789

By Travis Mitchell

Georgetown’s 1789 Restaurant, at 1226 36th St. NW, has introduced a new bar area for guests looking for a craft cocktail or a draft beer in a historic Washington setting.

The final phase of the restaurant’s 19-month renovation, the Sidecar Bar & Lounge opened in January, replacing F. Scott’s, the former art-deco nightclub and event space. About 50 new seats have been added in total, a welcome supplement to what was previously just a five-seat bar in the main restaurant.

“We’ve been wanting to do this renovation for a while,” said Tom Meyer, president of Clyde’s Restaurant Group, which purchased the restaurant in 1985.

The Sidecar offers a more casual and vibrant atmosphere than the main dining room, where jackets are part of the recommended dress code. That’s not to say it’s not an upscale place to meet for an evening drink. The long mahogany bar, wooden columns and leather seating in the surrounding lounge fit the cozy, old-school atmosphere. The lower level was designed with elements like a mirror with a handcrafted frame and exposed painted-brick walls for a more contemporary feel.

The new space has allowed for an expanded liquor selection. Drinks (priced between $12 and $15) are rooted in the classics but adapted to modern sensibilities. Among the options are the Irish old fashioned, with Jameson Black Barrel whiskey and Bénédictine, and the winter paloma, a mix of Tromba Blanco Tequila, Campari, grapefruit and hopped grapefruit bitters. Or sip on the namesake spiced pear sidecar, made with St. George spiced pear liqueur, brandy, triple sec and lemon. There are also four taps for draft beer, previously unavailable.

The Sidecar Bar also serves a bar menu with dishes such as bucatini with black truffle and yellowfin tuna tartare. The full 1789 dinner menu is available à la carte as well. On top of expanding the food and beverage options, the renovation introduced another long-awaited amenity: ground floor bathrooms for dinner guests.

According to Meyer, the neighborhood reception has been positive since the launch, with Georgetowners appreciating a gathering spot away from the bustle of shoppers on M Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

“It’s kind of the perfect spot for Georgetowners to wander into,” he said.




4 comments on “New Bar at 1789”

  • Vladimir C. Stanojevic says:

    And yet another Georgetown classic finally, formally bites the dust.

    Having very fond, if ever so slightly hazy, memories of many a well-spent Saturday night at F. Scott’s 94-96, it is more than a touch bittersweet to see what was probably the last college night-club in the country to have a dress code (thank you Mr. Watts) give way to something that looks like a very well executed hotel lobby bar.

    Ordering martinis by the pitcher, dancing to Blue Swede downstairs (hi Courtney), and being able to have a properly debauched evening out in civilized surroundings has been replaced with nothing half as interesting.

    R.I.P F. Scott’s (and Nathan’s, and Gryphon Room, and all the rest)

  • vincent salgado says:

    I remember FScotts of the late 70s and early 80s. Pee Wee the Maitre’d and Spider, my favorite bartender. Great times and great friends. Hope the new place does well.

  • Ross M ‘96 says:

    Long live F Scott’s! Outside of the student PUB – a true icon to Gtown!

  • Margaret Tatusko says:

    Remembering great late evenings in 1970th’s , fabulous drinks , great music and people super dressed up. Great memories. Will visit with my grandchildren

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