Norman Larsen: 1933-2018


Norm Larsen died peacefully April 23 in Williamsburg, Virginia, at home with family by his side.

Larsen was best know in Georgetown for being manager of the George Town Club, where he worked for more than 27 years. He was also president of the Francis Scott Key Foundation, which completed Francis Scott Key Park on M Street in 1993, the year of Larsen’s retirement. He lived for many years in McLean.

He served in the Air Force and run a children’s theater before coming to Washington, D.C., in 1960. He was graduate of Northwestern University and also went to American University. Larsen’s extensive private club work included Washington Golf and Country Club and Belle Haven Country Club.

He is survived by his wife Janis Larsen and sons, David and Robert.

Norman L. Larsen. Courtesy Nelsen Williamsburg.
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