To the Edi-purr

Translated from the meow

To Whom It May Concern:

I have long been a fan of your paper, which I love to curl up and nap on once my owner puts it down. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the last issue to find it crawling with canines!

I’m writing in the hope that you will include more pets in your next pet-picture roundup. I may be an older feline, but I can still purr with my owners in pride.

Look, I love my humans. I love it when they pet me, brush me and feed me my favorite meal of shrimp. I love their confused expressions when I meow at them — even though I’m just asking them to play with me. And I especially love those quiet moments when I’m curled up at their side napping like I caught the cream of the crop.

It’s not that I don’t love my less evolved puppy counterparts. (I say “less evolved”here specifically because, well, have you ever seen a cat chase its tail?) They’re cuteand cuddly and they even make an adorable yapping noise.

But I certainly wanted to be included. My owners are just as passionate about myquiet, steady approach to “pet-ship” as any dog owner. We have the adorable photosto prove it.

So, I may not look as sociable or fluffy as a new puppy, but I would love to be featured in your next pet opportunity.

Sincerely, your feline fan, Louie Bayoumi


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