RIP Brenna

Clothier Louis Everard’s beloved cocker spaniel, Brenna, often seen greeting guests and passersby outside his shop at 1802 Wisconsin Ave. NW, passed away after 12 loving years on earth.

“I got her when she was five months,” Everard recalled. “I worshipped her, picked her up in my arms and kissed her every day.”

Although Brenna, “dark little wonder” in Gaelic, was sweet and docile with friends, she could also be tough, sometimes forgetting her size. “I once caught her stalking a Great Dane in the alley,” Everard said. “She loved to hunt. When we were in the mountains with her, she would take off after deer.”

He said he could let her off her leash in the middle of the woods. She would always find her way back to her master, no matter how far she had strayed.

Brenna developed cancer in her spleen, but her spirit lives on along her favorite block in Georgetown.


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