Maureen Dowd Party Trashed on Twitter

What is it about Georgetown parties? Attracting not only the neighbors’ attention, of course, but side looks and comments from far away?

The latest dust-up concerned New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd’s July 24 party at her N Street home for Times colleague Carl Hulse and his new book: “Confirmation Bias: Inside Washington’s War Over the Supreme Court, from Scalia’s Death to Justice Kavanaugh.”

What seemed a innocent summer night get-together for a Washington author got whacked from left and right, but especially the left.

What ignited the brouhaha? MSNBC analyst and former Newsweek writer Howard Fineman posted a tweet with an image of Dowd, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer outside the N Street house.

Fineman’s tweet mentioned Hulse’s new book, after writing: “A @maureendowd party is always crowded. The action is outside her Georgetown home. Speaker Pelosi arrived late, greeted by the hostess, escorted by @SenSchumer.”

Soon enough, as a sign of the times, Fineman’s tweet racked up high negatives — earning the Twitter nomenclature of being “ratio’d” — and he deleted it. He later commented: “Tonight I tweeted a pic of a Georgetown party hosted by @maureendowd, attended by @SpeakerPelosi, @SenSchumer and DC journos. In the old days it would’ve been a benign big-shot brag. No more. It was viciously ratio’d by left and right. I deleted it. All establishments are hated.”

For her part, Dowd let loose a major salvo against progressives in her Sunday column, headlined, “Spare Me the Purity Racket.” She began: “After I interviewed Nancy Pelosi a few weeks ago, The HuffPost huffed that we were Dreaded Elites because we were eating chocolates and — horror of horrors — the speaker had on some good pumps.

“Then this week, lefty Twitter erected a digital guillotine because I had a book party for my friend Carl Hulse, The Times’s authority on Capitol Hill for decades, attended by family, journalists, Hill denizens and a smattering of lawmakers, including Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Susan Collins.

“I, the daughter of a D.C. cop, and Carl, the son of an Illinois plumber, were hilariously painted as decadent aristocrats reveling like Marie Antoinette when we should have been knitting like Madame Defarge.

“Yo, proletariat: If the Democratic Party is going to be against chocolate, high heels, parties and fun, you’ve lost me. And I’ve got some bad news for you about 2020 …”

When contacted by The Georgetowner newspaper to see if our neighbor had additional comment, Dowd’s assistant at the New York Times, Shawn McCreesh, replied: “Hey, thanks for the opportunity to comment, but she has nothing else to add.”


One comment on “Maureen Dowd Party Trashed on Twitter”

  • Robbie says:

    Ms. Dowd just learned what every subject of a totalitarian regime does – that to be part of the “in” crowd, one must be 100% compliant to the regime’s dictates. Don’t you just love all of that “diversity” and “acceptance” you see here?

    Ms. Dowd had best ditch those fancy pumps and don Birkenstocks, otherwise she’ll be relegated to the gulag of the Deplorables.

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