Georgetowners of the Year: 2019 

The naming of Georgetowners of the Year has been a tradition of The Georgetowner newspaper for decades. This year’s group, selected by the editorial board, includes: a woman who is much more than a top real estate agent; a semiretired publicist whom all the utilities by now know well; and a church marking its 225th anniversary as a source of societal strength and spiritual nourishment.

Edward Segal: Watchdog

When politicians, city officials, utilities and mobile transportation concerns hear the name Ed Segal, they know they are about to meet someone who means business and cares deeply about his community.

For a few years now, Segal, who lives near 28th and O Streets, has been monitoring the frequency of and response to gas leaks in his neighborhood: “There have been at least 148 natural gas leaks … in Georgetown since 2016. A majority of the leaks have been the most dangerous kind as described under Federal guidelines and D.C. law. Washington Gas has spent at least $17.8 million since 2016 to fix thousands of gas leaks across the city.” Segal maintains a blog that tracks gas leaks on an almost daily basis at

Lately, scooters have caught his attention, with about 10,000 new ones expected next year. Other local matters will no doubt soon be making his naughty-or-nice list. He is also a heck of a good neighbor.

For such accomplishments — above and beyond — Ed Segal is a Georgetowner of the Year for 2019.

Nancy Taylor Bubes: Charity and Business Leader

Nancy Taylor Bubes is known as a top real estate agent for Washington Fine Properties, recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 100 in the entire nation for the past five years. Her sales, service, team and listings may be epic, but she is also known as the lady with the Halloween house.

Her house at 31st and O Streets, which she shares with husband Alan and her children, transforms annually into the town’s best trick-or-treat attraction. This year, ghouls sported gear from the World Series Champion Washington Nationals.

Yes, the hard-working Bubes likes to grab those big listings in Georgetown and Kalorama for her high-end clientele, but she also likes to give back to the community in a big way.

Bubes helps out many a community group by volunteering and contributing money to the cause — whether personally or through WFP. These include the Citizens Association of Georgetown, the Lab School of Washington, Landon School, St. Andrews School, Georgetown Ministry Center, Friends of Volta Park, Friends of Rose Park, Adas Israel, Habitat Group and Georgetown Village.

She is a very lovely and special lady, and Georgetown is all the better because of her.

For such accomplishments — above and beyond — Nancy Taylor Bubes is a Georgetowner of the Year for 2019.

Holy Trinity Church: Spiritual Home

A little parish founded in 1787 by the Jesuits, Holy Trinity is the oldest Roman Catholic parish and church in continuous operation in Washington, D.C. It is finishing a two-year celebration of its 200-year-old school and 225-year-old church, on 36th Street near Georgetown University. Founders Day in October involved joyful activities all over the church property.

Holy Trinity has grown to a shining parish on Holy Hill — now with a gathering of 2,500 faithful each week at seven Sunday Masses. Indeed, it is seen as quite the fancy parish, with John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline having attended Mass there. It has been known for its liberal bent, although that is not always the case.

Its 52nd pastor, the Rev. Kevin Gillespie, S.J., is a former president of St. Joseph’s University. All in all, the parish contains 101 ministries, groups, programs and committees. Recently, it rehabilitated and reopened Holy Rood Cemetery and added a columbarium for new burials.

Whether working with its sister parishes in El Salvador and Haiti, wrapping gifts for the needy in McKenna Hall or preparing for Christmas Midnight Mass, Holy Trinity is a work in progress and in love.

For such accomplishments — above and beyond — Holy Trinity Church is a Georgetowner of the Year for 2019.



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