Streateries Open More Seats for Dining

Several Georgetown restaurants — to achieve the extra space required for social distancing during the pandemic — have added extra seating past the sidewalk and on the street next to their eatery.

These new “streateries” that occupy two or three parking spaces or no-parking areas use barricades to seal off nearby traffic — and are popping up elsewhere in Washington.

In Georgetown, where a lot of places seem cramped to begin with, this is a welcome addition for restaurant owners, who have seen their legal occupancy rates halved. Washington, D.C., is in Phase Two of its ReOpen DC goals.

The Georgetown Business Improvement District assisted the eateries in the commercial district with the permits for expansion from the District Department of Transportation and supplied some of the barricades.

Below is a list of the recently added streateries. Meanwhile, the Georgetown BID continues to work with DDOT on plans to expand sidewalks — which takes away parking spaces — on M Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

Open for business with some added space outside are:

Susheria — 3101 K St. NW

Mr. Smith’s — 3205 K St. NW

The Berliner — 3401 Water (K) St. NW

L’Annexe — 2917 M St. NW

Martin’s Tavern — 1265 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Flavio and Il Canale — 1073 and 1065 31st St. NW

Also using extra sidewalk space for seating: Fiola Mare at Washington Harbour, Cafe Georgetown at 3141 N St. NW, Ristorante Piccolo at 1068 31st St. NW and Saxby’s at 3500 O St. NW.

Fiola Mare at Washington Harbour on 31st Street. Georgetowner photo.

Martin’s Tavern at N Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Georgetowner photo.

The Berliner at K and 34th Streets at the Georgetown waterfront. Georgetowner photo.

Cafe Georgetown on N Street near Wisconsin Avenue. Georgetowner photo.


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