The Closet Cure for the COVID Blues

Feeling the blues? Did you know that you can change how you feel by changing what you wear? Or that how you feel can affect both your behavior and how others respond to you?

During COVID times, it’s easy to be down and a little blue. And adjusting behavior to lift yourself up can be key to getting through relatively unscathed, both mentally and physically. Here’s one simple pick-me-up: choosing what you wear. 👚 👕 👔👖

What did Shakespeare mean by “the apparel oft proclaims the [wo]man”? Or Mark Twain: “Clothes make the [wo]man”? Or Dolores in the series “Westworld”: “They use plumage to identify themselves”?

Belief in the power of what we wear fills our everyday vernacular: “dress for success” … “athleisure” … “look good, feel good” … “Casual Friday” … “suit up/power up” … “dress the part.” Why? Is clothing really as impactful as it’s cracked up to be?

All signs point to yes. Scientists say that, using a process called thin-slicing, the brain makes judgments in milliseconds. We do this without even realizing it. Yes, we DO judge a book by its cover. So intentionally choosing how you dress for your day tells your brain how to perform. Intentionally taking charge of how you present yourself helps you take command of your day.

So what are you going to choose? How will you present yourself to the world? What’s in your closet that you can reach for and put on, and — in so doing — shift your day?

Consider the often loved, sometimes detested, but nevertheless classic double denim. 👖 👖 👖 Famous, infamous and unknown characters the world over have sported the denim-on-denim look: brilliant inventor Dean Kamen, Mr. Smarty Pants Matthew Kelley (my brother), the beautiful and talented Beyoncé. Add Ryan Gosling and J.Lo to the mix and it’s clear: You just can’t go wrong wearing a Canadian tuxedo!

Remember, all the world is a stage. So what are you wearing as you tread the boards?

I got a little help with my ’fit from my friend and stylist Allyson @letsgetdresseddc. Talented photographer @dominque_fierro captured the resulting look.

Loving the skin you’re in can also do wonders for your mood, your health and how you engage with the world. To get the dirt on how I keep my skin clean, nourished and looking its best, check out Virtue Skinfood.



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