At 66, Getting More Online All the Time

This newspaper just turned 66 years old — but is not ready to apply for Social Security. 

On Oct. 7, 1954, The Georgetowner was founded, appropriately enough on Wisconsin Avenue, in the household store known as Little Caledonia. Founder Ami Stewart bequeathed the little company to David Roffman, who was succeeded by present-day publisher Sonya Bernhardt.

We have long told the stories of this unique and historic community, which continues to strive to live in the present. With all the news around us, our beloved neighborhood has a special place in the nation’s capital. The stories about Georgetown and Washington, D.C., never stop coming.

One Georgetowner staffer who told those stories so well was Gary Tischler, who died on April 8. His writing ranged from legendary to lyrical; Gary was always curious and always writing. A wonder, our heart and soul for decades, he was loved by all. And we can imagine what insightful words he would be writing today. We dedicate this special anniversary issue to him.  

Meanwhile, The Georgetowner continues to expand its digital offerings. Have you subscribed to our twice-weekly newsletter, which pops into your email at the end of the day? It offers plenty of fresh content: the latest news, profiles, photo galleries, recipes and listings of community and arts events. In the months ahead, we will be doing more online, as our print issue is now published once a month.



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