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There’s an almost obligatory judgment going around about the 2020 presidential election campaign: that voters are now indeed faced with the most important election in their — perhaps the nation’s — lifetime.

What can we say, besides admitting to being exhausted, shocked and saddened by President Donald J. Trump? The list is too long; the so-called leadership so scattered, so narcissistic.

We urge voters to vote for Joe Biden for President of the United States. Don’t do it just as a vote against Trump, although that, all by itself, is reason (in fact, a million reasons) enough.

Biden is the promise that America forgot it had. Like anyone, he has his shortcomings, but he will return the hope and change that we thought were lost. He will be a solid president, knowing the ways of the White House, Congress and this great country of ours. With positivity and empathy, he will assemble a strong administration that reflects the talent, drive and diversity of America.

We quibble a bit with the Gray Lady, the New York Times, which wrote, “Mr. Biden isn’t a perfect candidate and he wouldn’t be a perfect president.” We agree wholeheartedly with: “But politics is not about perfection. It is about the art of the possible and about encouraging America to embrace its better angels.”

For all of the above — and more — reasons, The Georgetowner endorses Joseph R. Biden for President of the United States.

Locally, The Georgetowner endorses:

Brooke Pinto, for the Ward 2 Council seat. She has jumped into her job after the special election during the pandemic. Her energy and pragmatism are welcome. She will serve Ward 2 well.

Eleanor Holmes Norton for Delegate to the House of Representatives, because of her eloquent voice and championship of home rule — and statehood, still.

Vincent Orange, running as an Independent, for another shot at an at-large seat on the District Council. Orange was president of the DC Chamber of Commerce. He has the business smarts and savvy that D.C. needs at this time, along with awareness of inequities in the community.

Marcus Goodwin, also running as an Independent, for the other at-large seat. Goodwin has business experience, too, and is fully informed on issues like affordable housing and public safety.

Still, with this large, talented at-large field, we applaud Council member Robert White’s work on returning citizens and recognize the significant candidacies of Christina Henderson, Chander Jayaraman and Monica Palacio.

Janeese Lewis George, with little opposition, for the Ward 4 seat on the Council.

— Facing no opposition, former mayor Vincent Gray for Ward 7, which he has represented superbly on the Council, deserving credit for his efforts on behalf of “east of the river.”

Trayon “Ward 8” White, with little opposition, for, you guessed it, the Ward 8 seat.

There are 10 candidates for eight seats on the Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2E). Check your D.C. Voter Guide to find your district.

ANC candidates running unopposed are Kishan Putta (ANC 2E01), Rick Murphy (ANC 2E03), Anna Landre (ANC 2E04), Lisa Palmer (ANC 2E05), Elizabeth Miller (ANC 2E07) and Matias Burdman (ANC 2E08). They are doing an excellent job, and The Georgetowner endorses them all.

Those competing for the other seats are Christopher Mathews and Jenny Mitchell (ANC 2E02), to replace the departing Joe Gibbons, and incumbent Gwendolyn Lohse and Matthew O’Donnell (ANC 2E06).

— For ANC 2E02, The Georgetowner endorses Christopher “Topher” Mathews, for his knowledge of Georgetown issues, earnestness and accessibility.

— For ANC 2E06, The Georgetowner endorses Gwen Lohse, who has brought intelligence, innovation and consensus-building to her position. She is a real plus for Georgetown.

Vote Nov. 3 (or perhaps you already did), and God Help — we mean, Bless — America.


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