Dori Desautel Broudy: Works Designed to Elicit a Smile

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Dori Desautel Broudy first began simultaneously drawing and narrating stories as a little girl. She often created stories about activities she participated in like dance, soccer and horseback riding. Later, she would be responsible for lots of art-related needs in her family, like drawing their annual Christmas card.

There was a long hiatus from drawing as Dori focused on collegiate soccer, law school and a career as an attorney in New England, Manhattan and Philadelphia. It wasn’t until the birth of her three children that she returned to art. “It’s been an absolute joy ever since, particularly since they are so closely involved in the process,” Dori said.

Dori’s creations, including fine stationery, face masks, “building blocks” and other fine artworks are designed to elicit a smile from those who view them. “People have been incredibly generous with how they’ve described the work, but nothing brings me more joy than hearing that it just makes people happy,” Dori said.

Every piece is the reflection of an experience. Dori is particularly proud of “Simple Wishes,” the first of many hearts she’s created and a bit of what she calls a signature piece in her portfolio.

Another work important to her is entitled “Celebrate America” because it was created during a time “when the diversity and cultural vibrancy of this country were not being celebrated, but seemingly rejected by many and it was heartbreaking to see,” she said. “At first glance, the flag looks like the typical red, white and blue, but if you look closer, there are hundreds of different colors integrated into it, celebrating the many colors of America,” she added.

Another favorite is “Les Robes,” a collection paying homage not only to Dori’s childhood but to what it means to parent girls in the present day.

Sitting and drawing with her children has always been an enjoyable activity for Dori. They’re all excited to have hundreds of professional grade markers and paints to choose from. Dori’s children also enjoy volunteering with her when her charitable initiative — the Gallery of Good® — is sponsoring an event.

As far as the creative process, Dori said that the best way to understand hers is to meet her family, as many of her portfolio pieces are a projection of her life as a parent. There are times where Dori is inspired by her own parental concerns, and she creates something in connection with a specific charity, or to honor certain holidays.

Dori founded the Gallery of Good® in 2018 to create artwork focused on themes of love, equality, inclusivity and peace. And, every sale has a charitable component. “Each piece is designed and produced entirely in the U.S., supporting multiple small, women, Black-owned or local businesses,” she said.

As far as popular items, Dori mentioned that the paper versions of her work remain a mainstay. “It has been wonderful to see that people still value the act of writing handwritten notes, something that became even more apparent during the pandemic,” she added. She’s also delighted that people often frame their cards after receiving them.

In the future, Dori hopes to give the Gallery of Good® a home of its own which would serve as a gallery, studio and place to hold events centered on unifying, educating and entertaining one another through art.

More information about Dori Desautel Broudy and her designs can be found here. 



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