Bizarre Crash on M St. Injures at Least 3 Pedestrians, One Critically  

At least three people were reported injured — one critically — on M and 29th Streets NW in Georgetown after being reportedly struck by a car at approximately 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 22.

“What could have been just a single car fender bender turned into a really bizarre series of collisions by a car that had turned sharp east onto M Street from 29th Street, crashed into a parked vehicle at the corner, and then made at least two 360-degree turns, smashing into parked vehicles and finally crossing the street and smashing into a tree in front of the CVS pharmacy,” said the owner of Say Cheese, Suzy Nabil at 1132 29th St. NW, who witnessed the entire incident.

“I will never forget the screams that followed and then seeing a person tossed into the air,” Nabil told the Georgetowner. “As people were running to help the pedestrians, I saw a woman get out of the first smashed car and frantically try to open the back door. When she got it open she dragged out a baby from a car seat. The baby seemed O.K., but I was in total shock.”

What seems so strange to Nabil was that the colliding vehicle seemed to be controlled by the driver making the 360-degree turns. It didn’t seem like an accident to her. But then again, she said, the driver didn’t seem to be aware enough to just stop the car.

The 2800 block of M Street NW was closed in both directions by the Metropolitan Police Department. That caused a traffic jam on 28th Street which was the only route to exit Pennsylvania Avenue and M Streets going west. At 3 p.m., the closure was still in place, and the crashed vehicles had not been removed.


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