PLNT Burger Lands at Sandlot Georgetown

“World domination!” laughed co-founder Spike Mendelsohn, when asked about the goals of PLNT Burger, the plant-based burger, fries and ice cream fast casual restaurant, founded in 2019.

D.C. restauranteur Mendelsohn and his partners were at Sandlot Georgetown at 28th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW July 16 for the grand opening of the PLNT Burger food truck, parked through September. They invited family, friends and a couple hundred people to sample the delicious burgers they never call vegetarian. It is the company’s first spot outside its Whole Foods locations. 

PLNT Burger’s Michael Colletti talked enthusiastically as he handed out PLNT Burgers, onion florets, sweet potato fries and oat-milk based rich and smooth chocolate and vanilla ice cream. “Eighty percent of our customers are meat eaters,” he told the Georgetowner. “But they love plant based burgers. We don’t market them as plant-based veggie burgers, however. We sell them for what they are: the best burgers you will ever eat.”

Friends of Rose Park President Gail Daubert agreed. “This is the best burger I’ve ever tasted!” she said. Sandlot Georgetown is across from Rose Park.

Among the award-winning chefs in attendance were Michel Nischan, founder of Wholesome Crave and non-profit Wholesome Wave, and chef John Mooney of Bidwell at Union Market. Both were involved in opening India’s first organic restaurant, Pure, in Mumbai, along with a long list of other bold face named restaurants.

In the festive crowd was Olympic gold medalist Dominique Dawes with her family. Her children seemed to especially enjoy the oat milk ice cream in the summer afternoon heat.

Sandlot Georgetown at 2715 Pennsylvania Ave. NW is a pop-up by Ian Callender, who runs other Sandlots in the city. Open Monday through Saturday, PLNT Burger is a permanent food truck there, along with circulating Black-owned food trucks, supported by Uber Eats. 

PLNT Burger co-founder Ben Kaplan hands out food at Sandlot Georgetown. Photo by Robert Devaney.

Olympic gold medalist Dominque Dawes helps her children with the food. Photo by Robert Devaney.

Eat the Change vendor passes out mushroom jerky. Photo by Robert Devaney.

A formidable food force: John Mooney, Spike Mendelsohn, Seth Goldman and Michel Nischan. Photo by Evangeline Pergantis/PLNT Burger.

Spike Mendelsohn was available for dunking by kids at the Sandlot Georgetown event. Photo by Evangeline Pergantis/PLNT Burger.


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