Vaccine Hesitant Incentivized by Rewards App

Wish you could motivate folks to get the jab?

Bright Mind Enrichment (BME) just might have the app for you. As the Delta variant spreads and we endure another pandemic summer, BME —  a wellness and educational charity — has launched a clickable vaccination app called Vaccination Rewards as well as a website platform they hope incentivizes people to get a Covid-19 vaccine. 

The campaign seeks to use rewards like educational scholarships, paid time off work, and free childcare to prompt the vaccine hesitant to get a shot as soon as possible. BME’s site now has over $200 million in incentives offered from a variety of sources from across the country.

According to BME, 21 percent of hesitant adults chose to get a Covid vaccine as of July. And, one of the main reasons they decided to get the shot was at the urging of family and friends. BME picked up on that trend line and added a “share” function that lets family and friends send targeted incentives to hesitant kin. As an all-volunteer charitable organization, BME receives no monetary benefit from the app.  

“We’ll make it really simple,” BME’s Director, Craig Kaufman said. “We’ve got 200 incentives. We scoured the web to find them.” More features will be added in the coming days, according to the organization. “In this rapidly evolving world, we felt that we had to use our passion — and tech — in any way possible to help those in need,” he said in a press release. “Our app aims to meet you where you’re at.” 

In an interview on CBS News, Kaufman described the joy of connecting the vaccine hesitant with life-changing incentives. “When you see a young child of maybe 17 getting a scholarship,” Kaufman said, “they can get a full education they probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”

Co-founder of BME and Vaccination Rewards Chairperson Martin Brooks is also a military veteran and senior pastor. “As the pandemic continues to take its toll, nothing is more important to me than trying to reach my fellow veterans who have not yet been vaccinated,” Brooks said in a press release. “We want to make sure that people know all the rewards and benefits available to them when they get a vaccine.”

On their website, BME offers to match donations. The Vaccination Rewards platform also calculates the amount of value available in each state and nationally.

When Bright Mind Enrichment isn’t busy creating vaccine reward apps, they make wellness education programs for vulnerable populations and homeless outreach services.

The Vaccination Rewards app can be downloaded from Google Play or through any web browser.


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