Citizens’ Welcome Back Picnic Delights the Kids and Parents

Rose Park at 26th and O streets on a late Sunday afternoon was filled with summer fun thanks to the Welcome Back Georgetown Picnic put on by the Citizens Association of Georgetown Sept. 19.

“CAG is reaching out and engaging parents with young families in Georgetown,” said CAG President Tara Sakraida Parker. “Children are a vital part of our neighborhood, and CAG wants to provide fun family-friendly activities for all to enjoy.”

The area near the basketball court and the recreation center was lively with lots of children playing in the sun being entertained by a balloon artist, bean bag tosses — and the police. Families brought their own picnic or bought treats from Schmaltz Bros. food truck, Giacomo’s Brick Oven Pizza, and Mohamed’s Cool Summertime Treats. From free give-a-ways to story-time with the Metropolitan Police Department (and popsicles), the festive get-together showed off Georgetown’s family side.

Upcoming Citizens’ events include an Oct. 21 Love Where You Live celebration — a special tribute to A. Michael Sullivan at the N Street residence of Mrs. Diana Prince — and a Halloween party on Oct. 30.

Georgetown’s oldest civic group, the Citizens Association of Georgetown, with roots going back to 1878, sees its mission as pursuing goals of “livability, beauty and historic character,” along with public safety.

See more picnic photos below.

Board members Jennifer Romm (past president), Ellen Eisenberg and Tara Sakraida Parker, president of the Citizens Association of Georgetown. Photo by Robert Devaney.


The surprisingly popular bean bag toss. Photo by Robert Devaney.


Janice Pouch of picnic sponsor Compass Real Estate offers freebies to future home buyers. Photo by Robert Devaney.


The ballon artist dazzles the children. Georgetowner photo.


An easy-going family scene at Rose Park. Georgetowner photo.


CAG President Tara Sakraida Parker with local advisory neighborhood commissioner Gwen Lohse. Photo by Robert Devaney.


Georgetown University’s Christopher Murphy with Jennifer and David Romm. Photo by Robert Devaney.


Story time and popsicles with Officer C.J. Todaro. Photo by Kyi Branch of MPD.


Riding the police motorcycle, with Officer C.J. Todaro. Photo by Kyi Branch of MPD.


Moms and kids enjoy the afternoon. Photo by Shelia Katoff.


Kyi Branch, community outreach coordinator for MPD, with her daughter. Photo by Shelia Katoff.


Moms and kids enjoy the afternoon. Photo by Shelia Katoff.


This kid wants more than toys, jumping on construction equipment on O Street. Photo by Peggy Sands.



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