Mapping Georgetown: Priceless Halloween Decorations and Scary Memories

Halloween is very big in Georgetown.

[Cue scary voice:] It’s HHUUUGE!…. Muuhahaha…

Our Mapping Georgetown project has received fascinating recollections about one of Georgetown’s most beloved annual fall celebrations — loved by kids and adults alike — enjoyed in our neighborhood each year by District and area residents, and deeply woven into our local history.

We have a picture worth a thousand words (very pricey words indeed) and a very spooky story!

First, the picture. Halloween in Georgetown? It’s priceless…. 

Larry Calvert spared no detail using Chanel, Chanel, and more Chanel with Dior, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Tiffany, Hermes and Burberry while just dripping in pearls!

On a personal note, Larry Calvert recalled that a woman come to his door, told him that she had grown up in Georgetown and was visiting for her deceased mother’s 100th birthday. They came to find out that Larry’s husband — Michael’s recently deceased father — shares the same birthday. Halloween conversation coincidence? Perhaps a visual of them dancing in designer dress up clothes?

A priceless Halloween recollection for our Mapping Georgetown project! (Photo from

And… now for our spooky story from one of our dearly beloved Georgetown neighbors, Mimsy Lindner….

October 31, 1989


Our first born (daughter) came into the world October 25th – right before Halloween. At that time, Halloween was Huge in Georgetown – both M St. and Wisconsin Ave. closed off to cars and it became a pedestrian parade. A lot of partying and drinking spilled out onto the streets. The police let the fun go on while doing their best to keep everyone safe.

But… Indiana Jones and Crocodile Dundee got into a fight that spilled out onto the street and ended up on our street corner. Potomac and Prospect streets. I am not sure who had the machete, but one did and sadly killed the other guy. The murderer ran away and escaped through our back yard.

Our baby nurse, a very sweet older woman from North Carolina, woke me saying the police were in the back yard!! The escape route (our yard) was taped off until the next day. Reporters came knocking and our table [had] “foot prints.” The police found his footprint and took the table as evidence. It was certainly an exciting couple of days. Sadly, someone died…. too much fun on Halloween. Indiana Jones vs. Crocodile Dundee – no winners.

Rebecca’s first week will hopefully be one of the only ones like it in her life!

Pictured here: Baby Russell with his Grandmother, Mimsy Lindner, author of our scary, scary story. Baby Russell is the son of our lead character in this story, Rebecca who was born in 1989 just before Halloween. (Photo courtesy Mapping Georgetown)


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