Washington Printmakers Brings Us ‘Harmony’ We Need 

“Somehow there is a reset after a deluge,” writes Rosemary Cooley, in reference to her artistic interpretation of harmony on display at Washington Printmakers, a printmaking and photography gallery at 1641 Wisconsin Avenue NW. Fifteen artists contributed impressive pieces to the gallery’s current show, “Harmony: 15 Interpretations.” This inspiring exhibition represents different ways of defining or expressing harmony amidst the heaviness in the world right now. In addition to the current exhibit, the gallery has an extensive library of prints by each artist to flip through. Known as the most affordable art gallery in Georgetown, this space is the spot to find pieces to please the eye. From pink peony postcards to local Washington, D.C. landscapes, this gallery has it all.   

There are many different types of printmaking, and it can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming process. Intaglio is one of these methods. The artist starts with a piece of metal, such as copper or zinc, and carves a design using a sharp tool. When the design is finished, the artist will use a printing press to print the image on paper. Relief is a similar type of printing where the artist uses wood or linoleum to make a print. Given the natural unevenness of the surface, these prints often mimic the wood grain. Serigraphs are prints made using the silkscreen method, and look “flatter” on the page. Lithographs are created when the artist etches a design into limestone, and transfers the print onto paper using the press. There are many different ways to create prints, allowing a lot of space for creativity.   

Printing press on display for “Harmony: 15 Interpretations” exhibit at Washington Printmakers Gallery. Photo by Maddie Rennyson.

Walking around the “Harmony: 15 Interpretations” exhibit, a wide variety of prints can be found. Next to each print or photograph is a small excerpt to guide the eye of the viewer and provide a look into the mind of the artist. The works are all very soothing – some using warm tones of orange and blush, others cool hues of ocean blues and greens. Photographs of moments in nature contribute another element of calmness in the gallery. This exhibit will run through the end of the month and will close with a reception, open to the public, on Saturday, February 26.   



Every month, a new exhibit is featured highlighting the artists who are members of the gallery. Currently, Washington Printmakers is home to nineteen members – fourteen printmakers and five photographers. Full members show their work once a month and also have the opportunity for a solo show. Associates show their work every other month in a group show. President of the gallery, Marie-B Cilia De Amici hopes to onboard more members this year, and educate the community on printmaking. Washington Printmakers is hosting a series of workshops in the coming weeks to encourage people to come out and learn more about the art they’re creating. The next workshop is Valentine’s Day Card Making, with Nina Mays, on February 13. Other upcoming workshops include tutorials on monoprint, woodblock, as well as stencil printmaking, and are hosted by members of the gallery.   

Stop in to Washington Printmakers to catch the exquisite expressions of harmony, learn a new skill, and support the local art scene in Georgetown!   

Harmony: 15 Interpretations runs through February 26 at Washington Printmakers.  







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