Business Ins & Outs: Concept 31/M, Pie Sisters, Sticx and Stonx

Out: Concept 31/M, but New Tenant Coming

Concept 31/M has expired. The fun pop-up mix had its run at 3077 M St. NW. The corner property at 31st and M Street previously housed Brooks Brothers for years. Landlords Anthony and Phillipe Lanier of EastBanc created Concept 31/M. As The Georgetowner wrote about it last year: “31/M, a retail laboratory for entrepreneurs wishing to test the viability of their concept stores in one of Washington’s most exclusive shopping districts. There are currently five retailers on the first floor of the 22,000-square-foot market.”

Phillipe Lanier of EastBanc told The Georgetowner it remains a great concept and he hopes to find permanent places for the businesses elsewhere, if possible. 

“With Concept 31/M, EastBanc took advantage of a temporary large format vacancy to promote a new kind of retail by working with dynamic local retailers in small, collaborative formats to add creativity and diversity to the shopping experience. … we paused this iteration of Concept 31/M to make way for exciting new brands coming to the space later this year,” he said.

Lanier added the building is made for a long-term lease and confirmed that it was getting one but could not announce it yet.

Out: Pie Sisters Close Shop

Wait, what? No more lemon meringue, Key lime or bourbon chocolate pies at the 3423 M St. NW shop along Regency Row? What about the chicken pot pies?

The Pie Sisters — Alli, Bear and Cat Blakely — left the following note for fans. “It is with a heavy heart we are writing to inform you Pie Sisters will be closing its doors on Feb 20th, 2022. Although this has not been an easy decision, due to many different factors,  we have decided to close the store to put our time and efforts into pursuing new endeavors and growing our families. It has been our absolute pleasure being part of the Georgetown community over the past 11 years.  We are so thankful for all of our wonderful patrons worldwide who have supported and allowed us to be part of their celebrations and traditions over the years. Although the store will be closing, the Pie Sister brand will continue …”

In: Sticx and Stonx

Aung Myint expanded his presence in the Georgetown neighborhood with Sticx, now open at 1728 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Occupying a 2,200-square foot, 20-seat space, the fast-casual concept explores the rich tradition of Asian street food, focusing on styles of barbecue from Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Burma, all served on sticks. He worked with longtime friend and business partner Kunakorn Sangkhankaw on developing the menu. 

Myint also owns Burmese dining staple Mandalay in Silver Spring, alongside three generations of family, and has a decades-long history owning, operating, and consulting restaurants in the Washington area. 

“Diners from Georgetown and beyond have embraced our translation of Burmese cuisine into salads at Bandoola Bowl, and we’re excited to share another way to experience Asian food through the portability of skewered street fare,” said Myint. “There’s a long history of serving meats and vegetables on sticks throughout Japan, Malaysia, Burma, and beyond, and our menu will capture a small part of how these foods are prepared and presented in various cultures.”

Upstairs from Sticx is Stonx, a happily named wine bar — with a choice of more than 200 wines as sake, cocktails and Champagne.

In: L’Annexe Reopens March 1

L’Annexe Cocktail Bar reopens tomorrow and told us: “Our team was hard at work this past month creating a refreshed menu with exciting new drinks and dishes. We look forward to seeing you!” Besides its drinks at the zinc-topped bar or cozy library, the spot at 2917 M St. NW offers a “menu of bites, featuring dynamic small plates with unexpected pops of flavor and texture under the culinary direction of Mark Ouellet.” L’Annexe will open at 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.


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  • Chand says:

    Sorry to see concept m go it was a great way to see me of a kind designs by creative designers and for shoppers a great way to buy the one of a kind designs that is rare in Georgetown townnow having brand names designers or otherwise is not unique u can go to malls to do this but Georgetown is specialty shopping and this was a great way to showcase talent hope eastblanc will do this concept v soon in of their other locations in Georgetown and not let this just go away?! Mr Lanier we hope U will read this and try and do this at one of your locations your firm wants to get Georgetown back on the special retail map so do get this concept m going again

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