‘Worry to Wonder’ Book Party Perfect Lent Event

Does going to a book signing party at the penthouse of Nancy Taylor Bubes the day before the start of Lent bring you closer to God?

For many fans and friends of Melissa Overmyer, author of “From Worry to Wonder, a Catholic Guide to Finding Peace Through Scripture,” the answer is yes, as they enjoyed some Mardi Gras jambalaya and light bites March 1, along with spiritual insights.

Tested by a house fire in December 2020, with her husband Dale Overmyer and daughters, the author of two previous books shows readers how “to break free from crippling worry into a life of freedom,” she writes, “with seven quick chapters that explain the ‘Worry-To-Wonder Checklist’  — and help you dwell on the answer, not the problems.”

She thanked those at reception and spoke about her journey with the new book: “So, as you know, this has been quite a year for us! I have gotten to see first in a whole new way what it means to go from worry to wonder! And — to see if what is in this book really works —and I can say yes! It has been tested by fire! And by God’s grace — it does work. I am so delighted that God placed it on my heart to write it when He did — before the fire. It really has been my lifeline this past year. It is the scriptural antidote to worry.

“As many of you know, I take after my mom in that I have been happily studying and teaching the scriptures for over 30 years. And sadly — like my dad —I can also claim to be a natural-born worrier. This book takes those two inherited traits and melds them together!

“I have found that the scriptures really are the answer to all of life’s problems. This book covers the subject of ‘worry’ — or really how not to worry. But the trick is how to do that — how to keep your mind stayed on God! Well, that is what the book is about. If God tells us to do something, He will also show us how do it — and even better — enables us to do it by His grace. …

“If you buy the book today, you can be transformed by Easter morning!”

Overmyer’s book can be found at Ascensionpress.com/worrytowonder.

Nancy Taylor Bubes and Melissa Overmyer. Courtesy Melissa Overmyer.


The host committee: Biz Blee, Jennifer Patterson, Philippa Bender, Nancy Taylor Bubes, Heidi Scanlon, Melissa Overmyer, Katelin Dial, Brooke Fink. Photo by Robert Devaney.

Melissa and Dale Overmyer. Courtesy Melissa Overmyer.



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