Tech Tip: Automation Most Small Businesses Can Use

Automation is a great tool for businesses of all types, even smaller organizations with limited access to tools and resources. Through the use of time-saving automation solutions, even a small business can empower employees to save time and focus on other aspects of their duties by automating specific tasks and processes. Here are five ways small businesses can use automation to make operations just a little easier.

Use a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can let businesses improve their sales and marketing efforts by automating the repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with this part of running a business. A CRM can also be used to improve customer satisfaction and manage the sales process. Most CRMs give you the ability to determine if the right customers are being targeted with the right products, allowing you to effectively build better relationships and assist your clients with discovering the best of what you offer.

Social Media Management

Social media plays a huge part in attracting customers and interacting with current or potential clients. Automated tools give your business the ability to automatically share out posts or schedule them ahead of time. You can also customize which platforms they’re shared to, making it easy to stay organized and ahead of your marketing efforts.

Customer Support

Many small businesses don’t have the time or resources to invest as heavily into customer support as they would like to, but with automated support solutions, this task becomes much easier and more accessible. Artificial intelligence, like chatbots, are great options that can solve the majority of customers’ problems and lighten the load for the rest of your staff, freeing them up to spend their time on other tasks or initiatives.

Meeting Scheduling

Scheduling meetings without bumping into problems can be difficult, especially when you have multiple busy individuals who need to be in attendance. Meetings often get rescheduled as a result, something which inevitably leads to reduced productivity and efficiency. If you can automate the process of scheduling meetings and appointments, you can avoid conflicts and improve efficiency for your organization.


The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the supply chain, and as such, components and products are difficult to come by compared to years past. Businesses can automate their inventory management to automatically place orders for new parts or components as needed, allowing them to take the stress out of placing orders and routinely checking inventory. It can also be used for more simple products like paper goods.

Small businesses can compete with enterprises thanks to the many automated solutions on the market today, so what are you waiting for?

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