Women Cultural Leaders: Rebecca Ende Lichtenberg, Managing Director, Studio Theatre

Our spring arts preview featured 20 women cultural leaders in Washington, D.C. We wanted to amplify their voices in our online newsletters, spotlighting each of them individually. Our Thursday March 17 newsletter features Rebecca Ende Lichtenberg, managing director, of Studio Theatre.  

Rebecca Ende Lichtenberg, managing director, Studio Theatre

THE GEORGETOWNER: D.C. should have a “spring awakening” of sorts after two long years of Covid. What are you most looking forward to for your institution this season?

REBECCA ENDE LICHTENBERG: I can’t wait to complete, celebrate and share our first major renovation in 20 years. We’ll be welcoming back audiences to a vibrant, refreshed building that will support immersive theatrical productions.… And we’ll be inaugurating the new Victor Shargai theatre with a production of “The Hot Wing King,” a fierce comedy perfect for summertime fun.

GEORGETOWNER: What led you to become a leader in your organization? Tell us a bit about your career trajectory and inspirations along the way.
Having been an audience member at Studio for many years, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to step into a leadership role at an institution whose thought-provoking and meticulously crafted art I had long admired. Prior to coming to Studio, I spent 10 years a few blocks away at Theater J, first as the Director of Marketing and Communications and then as the Managing Director.

GEORGETOWNER: What are the biggest challenges for your organization?

REL: Coming out of the pandemic, re-engaging with audiences and making theatre a part of their lives again is a major challenge. We anticipate it may take years for audience sizes to reach pre-pandemic levels. In addition, supply chain challenges and labor shortages are presenting hurdles in producing the art.

GEORGETOWNER: How do you feel being among the first women to lead an arts institution?

REL: Since Studio’s founder, Joy Zinoman, was also a woman, Studio has had a long history of women in leadership positions and I feel fortunate to be in an organization where that’s the case.

GEORGETOWNER: What are you most proud of accomplishing while serving in your position?

REL: I am most proud of navigating the many pivots that Covid required and keeping the organization running through the pandemic, and of completing the Open Studio renovation, a project that had been in the works for years.




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