Haute & Cool: First Man (on Father’s Day)


He was the first man in your life and has stood at your side as you pave your way into the world. Father, provider, protector, confidante and forever admirer. Here are ways to show him your appreciation for all the roles he plays in your life. No matter how hard he is to shop for, he will be sure to feel celebrated with a selection from our curated list. 

Aniversario Special ‘R’ – 4 Pack $90.40.
Georgetown Tobacco

The Aniversario Series is the perfect complement for celebratory moments, as each cigar has its own unique blend. Not only will you be able to mark the occasion, but every time you light one in the future you can savor those special memories all over again. 

Gift Certificate. $$$$.
The Four Seasons, Georgetown

Treat your dad to an award-winning restaurant with a dramatic take on the new American cuisine. From business lunches to family dinners, Michael Mina’s Modern American Steakhouse sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. 

Pro 780 Wood Pellet Wi-Fi Grill Bronze $999.95.
Ace Hardware

Take the guesswork out of outdoor cooking. Traeger’s famously easy Set-it & Forget-it® nature makes outdoor cooking as simple as filling your hopper with hardwood pellets and setting your cooking temperature. This is wood-fired flavor made easy.  

Plus Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer $99

Get freedom from your grill, smoker, or kitchen with the world’s best-selling meat thermometer. Allow, the Guided Cook System to walk you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee perfect and consistent results. Get freedom from your grill, smoker, or kitchen. 

Dry White Rum 750ml $24.99
Cotton & Reed, Union Market

This top-selling rum is the perfect companion to summertime cocktails. Fermented raw cane syrup and blackstrap gives the 180 proof White Rum a light enough body to perform in a mojito but leaves enough fruity character to create a fruity daiquiri.   
Buy a bottle or stop by for a tasting at the N.E. Distillery.  

Gray Floral Shirt $278
Everard’s Clothing

Step up his look with a seasonal print. All Emanuel Berg shirts are meticulously made, comfortably fitted, and come with sophisticated styling. There are over 100 models inspired by global trends.  

Quilted Golf Vest $358

Give this gift custom with a performance vest constructed in a lightweight, rain-resistant fabric with creative details and personalized style options. Remember, layering is key to comfort across seasons making it the perfect travel companion. 

Cloud X Shift Sneaker in White Denim. $160

The new Cloud X Shift is for those who consider their active gear down to the last detail. These Cloud elements work together, responding to explosive movement for an agile, adaptive step — wherever you go. While the look is a rewind to the 90s, this remix introduces recycled materials to the beloved Cloud X silhouette. 

Good as New CBD Wellness Bundle $60

If that’s how you want to feel, then you’ll want to grab this set. Featuring three of the top-selling, pain management products —Original Rub, Original Roll-On Oil and Topical Spray — to help to quickly alleviate joint and muscle discomfort so you can get back to being active. Plus, it’s all zipped up in our reusable CBD For Life hemp bag. 

Dominic Ceramic and Gold Cuff Bracelet. $440

Representing a symbol of duality formed from ceramics and modern gold craftmanship. Build and style a unique look with the bold and stackable Hearth Collection. The sleek, modern design honors home and family. Available in 18K plated or 14K & 18K Solid Gold. 

Allyson Burkhardt is founder of Let’s Get Dressed! Image & Style Services.  

Go to Www.letsgetdresseddc.com to put your best look forward. 






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