Mapping Georgetown: Booeymonger Tales

Grab a Sandwich — maybe a Patty Hearst or a Tuna Turner? We’ve got some Booeymonger stories for you!

A few years back, The Washington Post described Booeymonger’s history and significance in the “fast-casual” wave of dining in our area: “The original Booeymonger, which opened in 1973, was a pioneer. The cramped and cozy restaurant was a late-night hangout for students at Georgetown University, on a corner surrounded by townhouses only a few blocks from the bustle of M Street. Only the food is the same: classic deli fare like hot pastrami sandwiches, bagels with lox and strawberry swirl cheesecake. One early success, a turkey sandwich with Russian dressing dubbed the “Patty Hearst,” is still on the menu. The unpretentious food draws a diverse clientele. Regulars at the Georgetown restaurant, according to the owners, include John Kerry’s security detail, Patrick Ewing and a local Alcoholics Anonymous group.” See the Post article here.

This is the person who leads the team that makes Booeymonger one of everyone’s favorite places for a quick tasty bite! Her name is Priya and she came to Georgetown 15 years ago from Sri Lanka. The Booeymonger at 3265 Prospect St. NW was her first job here, and she has been serving Georgetowners here ever since. Thank you, Priya! We’re so lucky to have you!

Booeymonger would not be the same without Priya. Courtesy Mapping Georgetown.

Priya’s Mapping Georgetown Story

Priya’s Story-Map for Mapping Georgetown. Courtesy Mapping Georgetown.


Did you know! We’re celebrating more than 40 years serving delicious Sandwiches. Excellence, Service.

I’m so happy to have Booey Family more than 15 years. Sit down with your lovers, Relax, Enjoy, our delicious food.

It’s my honor and pleasure to be feeding people.


Further Tales…

Do you remember the man in Maryland ‘stuck-in-chimney’ story from January 2022? Well, Mimsy Lindner has her own “man-in-chimney” Booeymonger story! 

Mimsy Lindner’s Booeymonger Story

A couple were enjoying a few drinks on the “patio/roof” of the building. They got the munchies… the boy decided that the Booeymonger would certainly have good food to eat. With that he began climbing down the chimney…. (head first) not too smart – the chimney was not open at the ground level. He was stuck!

Apparently, his girlfriend left him… The next morning a young woman preparing food in the Booeymonger kitchen began hearing some cries for help behind the brick wall.

Alas, the firemen came, busted the brick and let him “climb” out. He was not really hurt but did go to the hospital.

Not exactly sure…. but that is the story I know. The new design in the counter area at Booeymonger was a positive!

Thank you, Mimsy, for supporting the Mapping Georgetown community project. Mimsy also gave us a great Halloween story last year, here.

Nancy Flinn’s Booeymonger Story

Nancy Flinn recalls taking her grandchildren to eat at Booeymonger. The gentleman at the table next to them asked if they would mind if he could try their French fries. They were not impressed until Nancy let them know that he was the President of The United States. It was Martin Sheen and company when they were filming “The West Wing.” Needless to say, they made a lunchtime memory with their Gran! You may recall Nancy’s earlier Mapping Georgetown story about the joys of Rose Park and her historic work to ensure handicapped accessibility, here. Thank you, again, Nancy!

Keep those stories coming, and we’ll see you at Booeymongers!

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