Mapping Georgetown: More Than a Little Inspiration, GU’s ELP

Did you know there’s a National Tooth Fairy Day? Well, Georgetown University’s Early Learning Project (ELP) does…

During GU’s recent Georgetown Community Day on Healy Lawn, we encountered ELP at a nearby table and were inspired by their mission and story. Here’s what they’re about:

Our Lab’s History: About the ELP

Dr. Rachel Barr established this program and works with graduate students, undergraduate students, and a staff of full-time research assistants in conducting the studies. Participation in studies is completely voluntary, and we rely solely on parent-child volunteers.

This program presents a great opportunity for you and your baby to contribute to the research of the capabilities of infants as a whole. If you are interested in learning more about the program or volunteering for a study we urge you to contact us and participate in this great learning experience. We look forward to meeting you and your baby!

Rachel Barr, PH.D


Dr. Barr was trained as a developmental and clinical psychologist in New Zealand. Since 2001 she has been director of the Georgetown Early Learning Project. The ELP shows that babies, toddlers and young children pick up information from a variety of sources, from television, from books, from computers, from touchscreens, from siblings, and across contexts. There are still many open questions about how babies and young children learn and remember.

ELP at Georgetown Community Day (Recruitment Day) with Charisma Washington, Sydney Wasserman, and Brianna Miller. Photo courtesy Charisma Washington.

The Early Learning Project’s Mapping Georgetown Story

ELP’s Mapping Georgetown map-story. Courtesy Mapping Georgetown.

The Early Learning Project at Georgetown University has provided an amazing opportunity to connect with the community! We are able to travel to families and work on fun memory tasks with little kids. We strive to connect and contribute to the community with our research. Please reach out to help us at

My name is Charisma Washington and I am a senior studying psychology at Georgetown University! I joined the Early Learning Project as a means to connect with my community and to gain experience researching child development. I love working with children and hope to become a child psychologist in the future, so joining ELP was very exciting. We are currently recruiting for four different studies and would love to connect you with 🙂

I am originally from North Carolina but moved to DC in hopes of living in a big city with ample opportunities to explore different networks. I applied during the middle my sophomore year while at another university and I was thankfully accepted to Georgetown! I have found that the professors at Georgetown and incredibly helpful and supportive. They have connected me with research, like ELP, graduate school preparatory programs, and summer clinical internships. I am so grateful to participate in all of these amazing endeavors and to be able to discover my passion working with children in a clinical role.

August 22nd

For information on ELB, go here

To learn more about the Mapping Georgetown project see

To submit your Georgetown recollections to Mapping Georgetown go to  or visit the Georgetown Public Library to pick up a physical map-story form to fill out.

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