Kids Korner: Preparing for The Nutcracker 

By Ellie AuKamp (2nd grade) and Eleanor Assey (3rd grade) 

In the following interview, second-grader Ellie interviews third-grader Eleanor about preparing for the Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker performance this year. 

An Insider’s View: Preparing for the Washington Ballet Nutcracker  

One of my BFFs — who is also my next-door neighbor (aren’t we lucky) — is in the Nutcracker, so I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask her!  

What character are you playing? This year, I am a Snow Angel. Last year, I was a Bumblebee.    

Do you identify with your role? I LOVE winter and LOVE snow, so I definitely identify with my role.    

Can you tell me anything about your costume? Just ONE LITTLE Hint? I want the costume to be a SURPRISE! I did get a sneak peak at it last year!   

Tell me this: Does the costume itch? Do you get to keep it? We do NOT get to keep the costumes, and it doesn’t itch too, too much.   

When did you start rehearsing? When and where did you rehearse? I started two months ago. I go to the Washington Ballet location near the National Cathedral every Saturday and Sunday for an entire HOUR! (Note from the reporter: “Ballet” – like the word “white” – has a silent letter.)   

Are you performing with the same group of people as last year? No – all the ballerinas are now a different height than last year, so their roles need to change.  

What theatre will you perform in? What time do you arrive? Mainly I perform at the Warner, but we also go a few times to the ARC, which I haven’t ever been to. I have to get to shows early. Backstage, I get ready with ALL the dancers. The Frontier Girls help the Snow Angels. I met the Snow Queen already! Soon I will do a full rehearsal!     

How are you feeling? Are you excited? Do you feel prepared? Do you get nervous?  The first performance I am VERY nervous as hundreds of people are watching, and I don’t want to mess up my dance. It feels a little… creepy! But the more I am on stage, the more confident I get.    

Would you want the audience to talk? NO! Every dancer has practiced SO MUCH, so talking is rude.   

Does the audience get any snacks? Yes, because the show is long, you can buy snacks like M&Ms.   

If you could change anything, what would it be?  Ballerina/Snow Angel: For shows that are in the evening, I would like them to give us snacks, like Starbursts.  

Reporter: I hope the ballet brings back Cotton Candy! Otherwise, I hope they have Skittles.   

Tickets to the Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker can be found at:  






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