Georgetown House Tours: Our Top-9 Past Stories

In honor of The Georgetown House Tour’s 90th anniversary this year — coming up April 22 — here are nine of our best stories about our neighborhood’s decades-old tradition and the “oldest house tour in the country.”   

# 1  ~ The Sky’s the Limit: Down-to-Earth Jill and Scott Altman ‘Take Command’ of the 2016 Georgetown House Tour – Our biggest and best on the House Tour by far has over 2,550 views and mentions then co-chairs former NASA astronaut Scott Altman and his wife Jill.

# 2 ~ Julia Child Home on Georgetown House Tour – This story, which has over 1,500 views and counting, discusses how Child’s famed Georgetown residence was a part of the 2022 House Tour. 

# 3 ~  85th Georgetown House Tour Breaks a Record – With over 1,700 views, this piece mentioned the record $100,000+ raised. 

# 4 ~ Georgetown House Tour Entices, Enchants on a Beautiful Saturday – This story talked about the beautiful weather for the 88th annual House Tour. 

# 5 ~ Tour Couture: 84th Hour Tour – This one is a flashback to the time we created a fashion spread inspired by the House Tour. 

# 6 ~ The 2013 House Tour at a Glance – We picked this one because (can you believe it?) it was 10 years ago! # 7 ~ Getting to the Heart of the Georgetown House Tour – The late Gary Tischler penned this piece about the House Tour, saying: “For all the historic, stately qualities of Georgetown, it’s a remarkably fluid place, and you can see that in the homes that are being shown.  Those houses, acting like official greeters, may show a part of the past, and a part of the present to visitors all at the same time.” # 8 ~ Patron’s Party for House Tour: the Lively Place to Be – A peek into the past from 10 years ago with the annual House Tour Patron’s Party, an event established in 2000 by Frida Burling. # 9 ~ 2010 Georgetown House Tour – This piece by our own Ari Post blends history and the present. 




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