Offering ‘Seamless Piercing,’ Studs Arrives in Georgetown 

Make way for Studs! The groovy, celebrity-approved one stop ear-piercing destination and earring shop opened one block west of Georgetown Park at 3288 M Street in Georgetown last Thursday. Gen-Z and Millennial shoppers can now include a piercing appointment in their afternoon itinerary. This is the first Studs location to open in the District with hopes to appeal to the younger population from local universities and the many tourists and locals who visit the esteemed shopping destination.   

In 2019 friends and soon-to-be future co-founders, Anna Harman and Lisa Bubbers, were on a mission to get a second ear piercing for Anna in New York City. For women in their mid-30s, the options were slim with many mainstream piercing locations still primarily using piercing guns; they were left to choose one of the many tattoo parlors scattered across the teeming city. Harman and Bubbers soon realized there was an opportunity to provide an unintimidating, seamless ear-piercing experience. And Studs was born.  

Visit Studs at 3288 M Street in Georgetown.

The Studs atmosphere is bright and trendy with neon pops of color and an inviting Ear Bar with dozens of earrings from which to choose. Earrings are sold mostly in singles to allow for the mixing and matching of styles and metals. Customers can book an appointment to get a piercing online and will meet with an ear piercing expert to discuss their ear anatomy and design, a concept Studs defines as “Earscape.” From hoops and huggies to dangles, cuffs, and of course studs, there’s something for every ear.  

What makes the Studs experience so unique? Their inclusive, safe, and educational philosophy and approach.

The Georgetowner spoke with Harman about Studs’ mission. “Our goal is to offer a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for people over 18 to get an ear piercing with an expert who uses a needle (never a gun), and for anyone to shop for cute, high-quality earrings to adorn their Earscape,” she said. Studs prioritizes the safety and cleanliness of the piercing experience as well. A needle allows for a quicker healing process and a more hygienic experience. Studs also provides an (Ear)ducation Hub where customers can learn about the different piercing trends, ear anatomy, and care for your piercing.  

Shop the Ear Bar at Studs to find earrings of all styles.

Prior to Studs, there was not a single particular piercing location focusing on the shopper’s entire ear-piercing experience. It was not difficult for a shopper to find a place to get pierced, but then the purchase of different earrings had to be done at another store, and designing your ear often relied on personal research and social media. Harman and Bubbers recognized this market niche and created a business that would combine these experiences. And, it’s taken off.  

Studs is a success story and another great example of women paving the way through entrepreneurship. Harman has advice for anyone who’s embarking on this journey, “for me, I expected the long hours, hard work, grit, and determination to start a business. But it continues to be a long journey with so many ups and downs. It really is a marathon, not a sprint, and you have to have the commitment for that experience.” Be sure to stop in to Studs to learn about your ear, get a new piercing, or simply shop for earrings!  

For more information about Studs go to here. 





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