Tech Tips: Your Technology Doesn’t Love Your Pets

By Computerware, Inc.,

Pets do weird things every so often… like lying on top of keyboards or sidling up next to computer monitors. If you’re not careful, however, your furry companions might accidentally cause a lot of damage to your technology. Some studies have indicated that pets cause around $3 billion worth of damage to technology annually — pretty shocking stuff. Let’s go over how you can minimize the chances of such troubles happening to you.

How Do Pets Damage Our Computers?

The biggest culprits in terms of pet-caused damage to computers is likely their fur and dander, which is shed routinely and can often find itself on not just your furniture, but in your computer. Other issues stem from pets chewing on cords or destroying devices they get their paws on, like a cat eating a phone charger or a dog nabbing the television remote. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that a dog might pull a cabled device off a table without realizing what they’re doing, causing damage to the device.

It really is remarkable just how much fur can get trapped inside an electronic device. We bet that if you investigated your own, you’d be horrified by the furballs, dander and dust gathering inside.

How You Can Protect Your Technology

Even if pets don’t mean to cause harm, you should still take measures to protect your technology from them. Here are a couple ways you can do this:

Keep Your Workspace Clean

The best thing you can do to keep your pets from getting into your technology is to keep your workspace clean. For example, if you don’t want your cat to set up shop on your laptop, maybe close it or move it somewhere they aren’t likely to lie on it. Pets like the warmth associated with running technology, so do yourself a favor and keep it off the floor and out of reach whenever possible.

Bundle Your Cords

Cords can be quite tantalizing for your pets — particularly cats and puppies — who might want to find something stringy to practice chewing on. But, it’s dangerous for both your pets and for your technology, so make sure you keep your cords bundled and organized with a Velcro band. They’ll be less likely to get chewed up that way.

Keep Liquids Away from Your PC

You might not consider keeping liquids away from your computer until you’ve had your entire cup of coffee spilled all over your keyboard by your cat, who just had to jump up on the computer desk while you were in that meeting. We recommend that you just keep liquids away from the computer as often as possible to avoid having your furry companions accidentally knocking them over or causing irreparable damage.

Pets are great… but they’re not great for technology. Do yourself a favor and take preventative measures for your tech to ensure your best friends don’t inadvertently become your technology’s worst enemies.

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