Q&A Cafe: Carol Joynt Meets Deb Johns of Scout

For her last Q&A interview luncheon of the season at the George Town Club on June 27, Carol Joynt chose fellow Georgetowner Deb Waterman Johns.  

Deb and husband Ben Johns co-founded Scout in 2004. A working mom of four, Deb needed large, sturdy, affordable totes to carry all of her family’s stuff without getting weighed down.  

The inspiration came when Johns — a seasoned fashion trend-spotter and renowned fabric, pattern and color thought leader — spotted a unique inexpensive bag on Canal Street in Manhattan and a very expensive chic carryall bag in the window of a high-fashion store in Milan. She realized there was a need for stylish, functional tote bags at an affordable price point, accessible to all women, and she could be the one to fill it. 

Scout has become a cult-classic known for its stylish and functional designs, durable and water-resistant materials, and variety of sizes and compartments available, making them a great option for different types of travelers. Johns likes to say: “Everyone has stuff; Scout gives them the best place to put it.” 

Johns shared her fashion sense that the “middle is not worth the money,” preferring to mix inexpensive current fashion brands like H&M and Zara with luxury accessories which will never go out of style. 

An array of Scout temptations at the club’s pop-up store allowed guests to experience the brand’s products firsthand.  



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