The Dog Days of Summer: Dogs of Georgetown

We asked readers to send us their best photos of their dogs. We got some great ones back, and even included some of our staff dogs too!

Hugo & Prudence 

Photo courtesy of Mary Motta.

Meet Prudence and Hugo, who are connected at the hip. They even walk side-by-side on the streets of Georgetown prompting people to ask if they are twins. Prudence came into Hugo’s life when he was a little over a year. He was in deep despair over losing our other Corgi Bea. She raised him his first year, and her death hit him hard. Prudence came into our lives and immediately cheered us all up. Now Hugo won’t leave her side. He is a very protective big brother and sometimes a wee bit bossy! (His nickname is Hugo Boss.) 

Mary Motta  

Roxy Wade 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Wade.

Roxy made her Georgetown debut at the Rose Park Farmers Market, where rumor has it her first words were David Dunning! This labradoodle is new to the world and full of surprises including her meticulous grooming regime and world class sleeping schedule. Her new family, Rich Rosenzweig and Sarah Wade, are enjoying rediscovering the world through the eyes of this fearless and inquisitive pup.  

Sarah Wade 

Mac & Betty 

Georgetown dogs Mac and Betty. Photo by Robert Devaney.

Betty is a multi-generation Australian labradoodle. She is six months old and weighs in at 8.8 pounds. Mac is also a multi-generation Australian labradoodle who is 12 years young. 

-Melissa Huston 


Photo by Bill Starrels.

Maxine is Georgetowner photographer Bill Starrels’ French Bulldog. She loves to roam the streets of Georgetown, stopping in local shops and boutiques, doing some window shopping, and scoping out all the best spots for free dog treats!

Kate Oczypok


Photo by Sonya Bernhardt

Meet Camsley, Georgetowner publisher Sonya Bernhardt’s beloved black lab. She loves long walks on the beach, squeaky toys, and visiting all her friends in Georgetown.

-Kate Oczypok


Photo by Kate Oczypok.

Thor is Georgetowner Director of Content & Advertising Kate Oczypok’s French Bulldog. He is not quite 1 yet, and is still full of zany puppy energy. His favorite pastime is to complain (i.e. whine and bark) to human resources (aka his mom and dad) that he’s not getting enough attention while they work! As you can see from this photo, he also thinks he’s part cat.

-Kate Oczypok




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