Laura’s Garlic Yogurt Dip & Sauce

I love a dip or a sauce I can use for multiple dishes. This delicious dipping sauce is perfect with salmon, potatoes, and could easily be used on poultry. It’s not a thin sauce like a salad dressing but it’s thick because it’s a yogurt-based sauce. It’s inspired by a sauce that I would get at a local Middle Eastern restaurant that they’d serve with potatoes. I loved it so much, I wanted to make my own.

If you’re looking for the perfect easy dip or sauce to top fish or poultry, then this garlic yogurt sauce is the recipe for you. Ready in a matter of minutes and simple ingredients, it’s super-quick and delicious.


Fresh Garlic Cloves: I like using fresh garlic in this recipe (not garlic powder). It gives the rich flavor to the sauce.
Yogurt: I use Greek yogurt rather than regular yogurt. You could try using regular yogurt, however, I like the sauce to be thicker, especially if you’re using it for a dip (it’s an amazing dip with french fries!) Use plain yogurt.
Lemon Juice: The acidity helps elevate the garlic yogurt and give it more tangy flavors.
Spices: I use Za’atar and fresh mint leaves in this recipe. It brings the dip to its peak tastiness.
Pomegranate seeds: optional, but they add a nice textural difference and flavor to the yogurt.


All you need is a medium-sized bowl and a whisk (along with a garlic mincer). You don’t need anything fancy like a food processor. With a medium-sized bowl — do not use a small bowl — you’ll be able to stir everything.

This dish is the perfect accompaniment to so many dishes and cuisines. Indian cuisine often pairs yogurt with its dishes and this would go beautifully with a tandoori chicken. This Greek yogurt sauce is a favorite for me with salmon. And, it honestly would go great with potato chips, fresh veggies, zucchini fritters, or anything you dip!

How to Store

Simply place the yogurt into an airtight container and put in the fridge. You can keep it in there for as long as your yogurt would last.

Tips and Tricks for Garlic Yogurt

For best results always follow the original recipe. However, there are different ways you can make yogurt dip. You can omit the za’atar if you wish or substitute different spices. However, once you have a little bit of the original dish, you won’t want it any other way. It’ll likely become a household staple because yogurt has a similar texture to sour cream except it doesn’t have all the calories!

Honestly, this dip pairs beautifully with so many foods: pita bread, a mezze platter, raw veggies, chicken wings, pita chips, any number of delicious recipes.

I really do love it with salmon but as someone who used to eat chicken, it would also go beautifully with chicken souvlaki or roast chicken.

For full recipe and instructions go to Sift


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