Laura’s Garlic Yogurt Dip & Sauce

September 7, 2023

I love a dip or a sauce I can use for multiple dishes. This delicious dipping sauce is perfect with salmon, potatoes, and could easily be used on poultry. It’s […]

Laura’s Pear and Frangipane Tart

August 31, 2023

Arguably, one of the best shows to have come out of the modern era is the Great British Baking Show. A recipe that seems to be known by all of […]

Laura’s Fried Egg with Rice (Toamago Kake Gohan)

August 24, 2023

My friend Tara and I love food. We love to talk about it, look at menus, dream about restaurants we want to try and so on. We don’t live in […]

Laura’s Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos

August 10, 2023

As I’m married to someone who does not eat meat, we have many vegetarian recipes on rotation in our household. Back when I attended university in Montreal, there was a […]

Laura’s Baked Rockfish Fillets

August 3, 2023

In our house, as we don’t eat meat, we love fish. Fish is a staple as it’s our main source of protein. This is one of my favorite fish recipes. […]

Laura’s Orange Tart

July 6, 2023

I love citrus season. It’s one of my favorites. I also love tarts. So, naturally, this seemed like the perfect pairing. Great at any point of the year, this recipe […]

Laura’s Russian Buttercream

June 15, 2023

Discover the epitome of indulgence with this Easy Russian Buttercream Recipe. With its whipped butter base, this is a simple recipe to make while delivering the most satisfying and flawless results. […]

Laura’s Modern Waldorf Salad

June 1, 2023

Experience a contemporary twist on the classic Waldorf Salad with this modern Waldorf salad recipe. This au currant rendition combines the crispness of apples, the crunch of walnuts, the tanginess […]

Laura’s Vegan Caramelized Onions

May 18, 2023

Let me just start with saying that I loveeeee caramelized onions. It is kind of ironic in a way because my father is super sensitive to smells and often wouldn’t allow […]

Laura’s Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

May 11, 2023

As I think of the cakes we had at home when I was a kid growing up, for some reason two in particular stand out: 1) Maple Walnut Cake, and […]