Georgetown Heritage Salutes Richard Levy; Canal Boat Tours Return

Members and supporters of Georgetown Heritage, the nonprofit set up to assist the rebirth of the C&O Canal, met Sept. 13 at the Washington Harbour home of Nancy Taylor Bubes and Alan Bubes to celebrate the relaunch of the canal boat and the longtime dedication of Richard Levy.

Canal boat tours have returned, ready for riders at Lock 3 after a drought lowered the Potomac water level, effecting the C&O Canal and stranding the boat for a couple of weeks.

Jennifer Romm, board chair of Georgetown Heritage, announced the canal boat was taking new riders and thanked her hosts as well as Richard Levy “for all that he has done and continues to do for Georgetown Heritage and the canal”

Romm went on to say of Levy: “About ten years ago, the old canal boat was crumbling and Richard saw what a loss that was to Georgetown. A lot of us remember rides on that old canal boat. He figured he would build a new boat. Easy enough, right?

“Then, it was quickly pointed out that the canal wasn’t really holding water. Never one to back down, Richard figured he would fix the canal. But why stop there. Let’s think bigger. We can have a world class urban park.

“He brought in the best and the brightest  —  JCFO [James Corner’s Field Operations] — to show us the possibilities. And most importantly, he built a coalition with the city, the Park Service and the community. He gathered a board of directors through his enthusiasm and inspiration. And we were off to the races.

“Richard continues to be our biggest cheerleader. Even with his newest project — the West Heating Plant [condos] — he has set aside significant money to make the confluence of the Canal and Rock Creek down by the Four Season a magnificent view shed.  

“His enthusiasm is tireless and contagious. Our organization could not be more grateful for all that he does for us.  And I want to make sure the whole community knows how remarkable he is.”

For his part, Levy thanked Romm and all at the nonprofit, along with its supporters, but humbly added that Joe Sternlieb, CEO of the Georgetown Business Improvement District, deserved equal praise. 

Maggie Downing, executive vice president of Georgetown Heritage, spoke of upcoming improvements along the canal, such as pedestrian bridge lighting, towpath widening and resurfacing as well as canal wall repairs.

Canal boat tours will continue through October.



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