Mapping Georgetown: Neighborhood Services Lifting Up the Unhoused

“SEEKING LASTING SOLUTIONS to homelessness ONE PERSON AT A TIME.”  ~ Georgetown Ministry Center.

This is our third and last story in a series on the plight of the homeless in Georgetown and of those in our community helping them. 

We applaud you, Georgetown Ministry Center (GMC), for your valiant efforts!

The Georgetown Ministry Center at 1041 Wisconsin Ave NW, through their small staff and with the help of many volunteers, in 2022, were able to make 90 placements into housing, serve 790 guests and 12,000 meals, help with 1,996 loads of laundry, provide 3,050 showers, assist with 150 psychiatry visits, complete 485 outreach interactions, and assist with the help of securing vital documents.

We’re so very grateful for the Mapping stories that make this happen, of Kelly Andreae, executive director, Delores Jackson, program coordinator and today’s guest success story from Michael Ricciardone.

Michael Ricciardone’s Mapping Georgetown Story. Courtesy Mapping Georgetown.

We appreciate Michael Ricciardone’s story as an example of the The Georgetown Ministry Center’s work in action.

Michael Ricciardone’s Mapping Georgetown Story

“GMC Ministry Miriam’s Kitchen. When I needed socks, shoes and general help, I moved here from NYC. [Now] I have an apartment through Friendship Place and a great case worker.”

Michael had come camping from New York City when he found his way to Key Bridge. He had a nice tent. But, weather was a challenge – rain… and rats! It’s difficult to keep food when unhoused as others often steal your provisions. But now, Michael has an apartment in the District. Friendship Place approached him on the bridge. Lisa helped him get an apartment. Mariam’s kitchen at 24th and G serves a very good breakfast and even dinners when Michael doesn’t have food in the house.

Michael says that Georgetown is a huge relief from the rigors of being homeless in New York City. He’s been here in Georgetown for two years and is looking to brighter days in Georgetown ahead.

Thank you so much for your inspiring story, Michael, and to all the volunteers who help bring hope to D.C.’s unhoused population.

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to help someone like Michael who’s making the effort to help himself succeed, at Georgetown Ministry Center, October 4:

To read more about Miriam’s Kitchen:

To read more about Friendship Place:

Image From courtsy GMC.

Mapping Georgetown stories in The Georgetowner can be viewed in full at

We invite you to add your story to our Mapping Georgetown collection. Blank templates can be printed from the home page of or picked up from The Georgetown Public Library.

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