Best Friends Celebrate ‘Heart of Gold’

The Best Friends Celebration lived up to that name, as it held the most elegant cocktail reception, appreciation and tribute dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown to honor Diana Davis Spencer, Debbie Dingell and Barbara Harrison on Sept. 27.

Elayne Bennett is the founder and president of Best Friends. The Heart of Gold Dinner was sponsored by the Winifred and William O’Reilly Foundation, William Bennett and Elayne Bennett.  

The honorees were abundantly celebrated. As she narrated a video, Andrea Roane noted, “If we give children our best, they will respond with their best.”

Best Friends is a school-based character education program for girls that begins in the sixth grade and continues until high school graduation. Best Friends provides a character-building curriculum, an intensive peer support structure and long-term adult involvement.

Kara Krause, Elayne Bennett, Alma Powell and Anne Powell Lyons. Photo by Clay Blackmore.

Bill Bennett toasting Heart of Gold Recipients. Photo by Clay Blackmore.

Susan Hurley Bennett, Ambassador Ivonne Baki, Bo Derek and Marlene Malek. Photo by Clay Blackmore.

Rev. Gilbert Mack, Bill Bennett and Robin Williams Mack. Photo by Clay Blackmore.

Dr. Curtis Adams and Elayne Bennett. Photo by Clay Blackmore.

Abby Moffat, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and Ambassador Aldona Wos. Photo by Clay Blackmore.

Veronica Percia, John Conley and Ellen Conley. Photo by Clay Blackmore.



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