Georgetown House Tour Featured Homes: 1513 28th St. NW

This year’s guide to the Georgetown House Tour features a Q&A with the owners of the homes on the tour, compiled by Georgetown House Tour Co-Chair Azali Kassum. Donna Leanos is Georgetown House Tour Co-Chair again this year. Below is the list of questions we asked, followed by the owners’ in-depth responses, edited for space and clarity.

Our questions:  

Why did you choose to move to Georgetown?  

What in particular drew you to your home?  

Was your objective a renovation, a restoration, both or neither?  

Did you engage an architect?  

Did you engage an interior designer?  

What are some of your favorite features of your home?  

What drove your inspiration and design choices?  

1513 28th St. NW / Laura Kim and Chip Newton   

We chose Georgetown for its deep and rich history and proximity to great restaurants and shops. We have children who also have attended local universities and always found ourselves enjoying the museums and national capital region.

We chose the townhome both for its charm and character and everything was within walking distance. We really wanted this location in Georgetown, which was quieter with a strong, smaller micro community. 

 The house was stripped back to its original state, but was slightly modified to allow for modern amenities in order to optimize both the flow and enjoyment of the entire home. The only addition was to allow for a breakfast area to enjoy the outdoor space and a pantry for both food and wine.

Photo by Nick Johnson Photography.

Our local friends highly recommended and introduced us to Ankie Barnes and his team at BVA. They were a joy to work with and were always professional and efficient. As for the architecture, we wanted the originals intact but there were interiors that needed updating and major work was done without compromising the original aesthetic. First off, we eliminated a retro fitted elevator as well as designed built-in wood shelving and storage with a cooler aesthetic rather than varnished darker woods. This created a lighter feel rather than the heaviness of the late Victorian aesthetic.

Crosby Design was recommended by BVA as they have worked together on other projects. They were able to understand the vision and styles and blend them seamlessly with the flow of our home. We are passionate about Scandinavian and mid-century design and wanted to blend these elements throughout to create a cool but comfortable aesthetic. We chose carefully from multiple antique shops worldwide during the renovation process. We also wanted to evoke different feelings from each room, so chandeliers, fabrics and furnishings were picked to meet that vision.

The two rooms we love the most are the living room and kitchen. The kitchen provides a large amount of natural light which is great for entertaining and our love of cooking. The living room also has great flow for entertaining and it offers the warmth of the original hearth and vintage seating around the space. We love “vintage” modern to contemporary designs that draw from Scandinavia, which creates a coolness and complements the art and design of the home. 

A Full List of the 2024 Homes:

3026 P Street NW  

Owners: Christie & Steve Pelley 

Designer: Zoe Feldman  

Builder: Pyramid 


3045 West Lane Keys  

Owners: Hannah Biggie & Jon Read 

Architect: Christian Zapatka 

Designer: Azali Kassum Design 

Builder: OC Builders 


3322 Dent Place NW 

Owner: Beth Latimer 

Designer: Skip Sroka 


3129 N Street NW  

Owners: Bonnie & Philip Tom 

Architect: BVA BarnesVanze Architects 

Designer: Liz Mearns 


1513 28th Street NW  

Owners: Laura Kim & Chip Newton 

Architect: BVA BarnesVanze Architects 

Designer: Maria Pollard Crosby / Crosby Designs LLC 


3122 N Street NW 

Owners: Elena & Philip Fletcher 


3303 Prospect Street NW 

Owners: Sharon & John Stanton 


3264 S St. Street NW 

Owners: Melissa & Dale Overmyer 

Architect: Dale Overmyer 


The 91st Georgetown House Tour will take place 11 a.m. to 5 p.m, Saturday, April 20. During the afternoon, the Parish Tea will run 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. in Blake Hall at St. John’s Church, 3240 O St. NW, the beneficiary of the tour. For details, visit or call 202-338-1796.




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