A Chat With the House Tour Patrons’ Party Co-Chairs  

Puja Parekh and Blair Wunderlich, co-chairs of the Georgetown House Tour Patrons’ Party, are aiming for an unforgettable event — while simultaneously bolstering vital initiatives at St. John’s Episcopal Church with much-needed financial support.

This year’s theme, “Luminaries and Legends,” pays homage to individuals who left a mark on the storied residences of Georgetown throughout its history.   

“Our guests will be able to explore a variety of architecture and design across the eight homes featured on the tour,” said Parekh. “While each home boasts its own unique charm and character, a common thread of reverence for architectural heritage and a celebration of modern living binds them together.”  

Tour participants love taking in each home’s meticulously preserved details and creative use of space. “Each home offers a glimpse into the past while embracing the possibilities of the future,” Parekh added.   

Parekh and Wunderlich’s central focus is organizing the Patrons Party, which serves as a kickoff to the House Tour and typically draws over 300 attendees. In addition to supporting programs run by St. John’s, funds from the Patrons Party and the House Tour go toward Georgetown Ministry Center’s food security initiatives. Other community needs — from providing space for the Department of Public Works to helping students at Hyde-Addison Elementary School — also receive assistance. 

This year’s Patrons Party will take place at Dumbarton House, 2715 Q St. NW, which promises spring florals just beginning to bloom. During the party, guests can also visit the museum rooms within.  

“This historical immersion serves as a fitting prelude to the House Tour, setting the stage for an exploration of Georgetown’s rich heritage and architectural legacy,” noted Parekh.  

Parekh, who works in the private equity industry, quickly discovered that fundamental qualities like problem-solving, budgeting and organization are assets in navigating the intricacies of event planning and coordination.  

“A big part of my job is forming meaningful connections, which proved valuable for the House Tour and Patrons Party,” she said. “A significant aspect of our outreach efforts involved reaching out to perspective partners and businesses that had not previously been engaged with the tour.”  

A link between Wunderlich’s work as an art insurance broker, working with private collectors and museums, and her House Tour role is her deep appreciation for craftsmanship and preservation.   

“I have seen firsthand how art can elevate a home or community from a place to an experience,” she said. “The storied homes of the Georgetown House Tour showcase the artistry of the incredible D.C. architects who thoughtfully preserve each detail.”  

When they’re not busy preparing for the Patrons Party and House Tour, Parekh and Wunderlich enjoy visiting local shops and restaurants.  

“Georgetown is truly a gem, nestled in the middle of the city, yet it manages to preserve a sense of neighborhood intimacy that sets it apart,” Parekh said.   

She enjoys starting her day with breakfast at Yellow and can’t get enough of La Bonne Vache, which took over the former Booeymonger space on Prospect Street. 

A Mano is my go-to for all things home décor, and I can never leave Tuckernuck or Curated by Cecilia without a shopping bag in hand.”   

Wunderlich enjoys having amazing parks just a few blocks away. “On weekends, we love taking our two girls and our dog, Ziggy. We rotate between Volta, Rose and Montrose Parks.”  

One of Wunderlich’s favorite things to do in Georgetown is attend gallery openings at Von Ammon in Cady’s Alley and at Addison/Ripley on Wisconsin Avenue. 

“The final thing I really love about Georgetown is the endless options for fancy coffee,” she said. “My favorite place for iced coffee is Compass, but Maman is a close second. And if I want to sit and enjoy the sidewalk scene, I love Café Georgetown.”  

This year’s Patrons Party is set for Wednesday, April 17, at 6 p.m. The 91st Annual Georgetown House Tour will be held on Saturday, April 20, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  



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