A Full House for Hollow Coves

By Julia Key

On Wednesday night, the Australian indie-folk band Hollow Coves performed at Union Stage on the wharf as a part of their “Nothing to Lose Tour” following the release of their second studio album “Nothing to Lose.” The band, which includes Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins, write and perform their songs and play the guitar and piano.

The duo immediately filled the entire venue with cheers as they opened with the title track of their newest album, “Nothing to Lose,” but with an edgy, fiery electric guitar intro instead of an acoustic guitar to set the tone for the rest of the show. After roars of applause, the band sang “The Woods” from their first EP “Wanderlust,” and as the lights faded into shades of orange and blue, Henderson’s and Carins’ voices, along with the melodies from their drummer and guitarist, created dreamlike harmonies that make you want to sing along.

Something about the almost celestial-like sound that the band could cultivate with only their voices and three different instruments imitates a feeling that you wish you could hold onto forever. The sentimental lyrics that the band pairs with the woody guitar riffs had the sold-out crowd singing, humming, swaying, and jumping all night long.

The crowd’s enthusiasm was palpable, erupting for songs like “Harder to Fake It” and “On the Way,” which both featured electric guitar solos and prompted enthusiastic sing-a-longs. The encore, however, took the energy to a whole new level, with the crowd cheering louder than ever. The final two songs in the encore, “Coastline” and “Milk & Honey,” were met with a wave of excitement, particularly when Henderson showcased his multi-instrumental skills, playing the guitar and harmonica simultaneously.

Hollow Coves’ music is not just about entertainment; it reflects their deep connection to nature. Their lyrics, such as “seek to reach the heights of the alpine, seize the golden light when the sun shines, realize that time is a precious gift” from Moments, and “I’m dreamin’ of the road again, set free in the wind, feels like we’ve found home again, on the road that’s grown within,” from The Open Road, are a testament to this. When Carins expressed his gratitude to the crowd, he also shared that the band was using their platform for a greater cause, with proceeds from ticket sales being donated to the National Parks Foundation.

Throughout the show, Hollow Coves’ voices blended coherently, creating a peaceful and nostalgic environment. The whole performance was imbued with joy.

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