Azerbaijan’s Diplomatic Couple in Georgetown

September 26, 2018

More than six years and counting. That’s how long Ambassador Elin Suleymanov and his striking wife, Lala Abdurahimova, have resided in Georgetown while representing their country, the Republic of Azerbaijan. […]

Seeking Relief, Unity from Hurricane Harvey

August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey remains with us. The disastrous storm stayed, and it rained and rained. People took to boats and 17,000 were rescued in Texas and Houston, and all across landmark […]

How to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

August 30, 2017

Many restaurants and other businesses in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area are holding fundraisers to help those left reeling by the hurricane and flooding.

A Hurricane Like an Occupying Army

August 28, 2017

Harvey — the rain falling, reporters staggering in the first winds, getting wet and stranded, the sight of families and lone strangers struggling through hip-deep water — was here to stay.