Fall Festivals 2018

September 12, 2018

September 21-23 12th Annual St. Michaels Concours d’Elegance An event that highlights Grand Classic Motoring, putting the emphasis on automobiles and wooden speed boats. Located at the Inn at Perry […]

Artifacts Hint at Halcyon House’s Past

August 30, 2018

On Aug. 21, at the Georgetown Public Library, Jennifer Porter-Lupu, a doctoral student in anthropology at Northwestern University, presented a portion of what she had uncovered.

A Rising Tide for Boomerang Boat Tours

August 23, 2018

Boomerang’s Nikki and Dave DuBois have been operating at a busy pace, which gets going around St. Patrick’s Day, accelerates when the cherry blossoms come out and keeps up through New Year’s Eve.

Filomena: Abundance, Togetherness and Celebration

August 22, 2018

On May 23, Filomena Ristorante could be said to have turned 35 years old. According to owner JoAnna Filomena, however, that’s not the true age of her landmark Georgetown restaurant, […]

Saudi Women Pitch Their Dreams at Halcyon

August 20, 2018

The budding entrepreneurs shared their stories at an Aug. 16 pitch event in Georgetown, part of their participation in a summer Halcyon Incubator Intensive.

Big Wheel Bikes Closes In on 50 Years

August 13, 2018

Mike Sendar has been in the bicycle retail business for close to 50 years, since 1971, when he opened the Georgetown store with Harold Rivkin. There are now five locations in the D.C. area.

The Avery Hotel: European Design in Georgetown

July 25, 2018

On a day with heavy rain, the Avery Georgetown, a boutique hotel on P Street, is the kind of place where you want to stay for a while. Its outdoor […]

Investing in D.C.’s Future Workforce

July 12, 2018

Almost 39 years ago, then-Mayor Marion Barry decided to create opportunities that would support young people transitioning from academia to the workforce. The programs have expanded under Muriel Bowser.

Plastic Straws Could Be Out the Door

July 2, 2018

A 2017 documentary titled “Straws” is drawing as much attention to plastic straws as Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” did to climate change. However, no group of skeptics about the dangers of plastic straws has appeared (as yet).

Hess Is More Offers Respite from the Heat

June 20, 2018

What makes this type of jazz different from the traditional kind is how the Hess Is More band has no hesitation in bringing in a strongly classical influence.