Green Fashion Show at Union Station

April 24, 2013

Last Thursday, the District Department of the Environment presented the Green Fashion Show in celebration of Earth Month. The presentation featured eco-conscious brands and local designers in addition to examples of recycled clothing.
These looks are vintage from resellers and Isagus Extroversions – Designer of Sustainable Fashion ART-wear. The presentation included looks inspired by Spring Showers, 9 to 5 Career Wear, DC Sunset Evening and Weekend Around Town. [gallery ids="101266,147874,147837,147868,147843,147864,147849,147859,147854" nav="thumbs"]

Bloom Into Spring Gala Fashion

April 10, 2013

This season, soft colors draw the eye without raising a ruckus. These gowns’ soft pastels and floral details capture the spirit of a season that, in Washington, is taking more time to come than we often expect.

Aelona Isakova is a Russian-born couture designer now living in Alexandria, Va. She says her calling in life is to worship God through art and fashion and to inspire others. Her work has shown internationally in Jerusalem, Sydney Fashion Week and Saint Petersburg as well as the Evergreen Museum at Johns Hopkins University. To view more of her work, visit [gallery ids="101213,144985,144980,144977" nav="thumbs"]

Fashion Wedding

March 28, 2013

Here are all the images [gallery ids="101152,140966,140959,140953,140947,140941,140935,140930,140924,140978,140918,140982,140911,140988,140994,140972" nav="thumbs"]

A Formal Engagement

March 7, 2013

Our annual wedding issue is one of the most most exciting shoots of the year. By the end of the day, it felt as if we were getting ready for a reception. Our setting is the Jefferson Hotel, commonly known as Washington’s most discerning hotel.

These looks are inspired by the hotel’s beaux arts interior, originally built in 1923 and renovated in 2009. The lobby and restaurant, Plume, are decorated in warm grays with orange accents. Our favorite space is the dining room’s Bird’s Nest table, lined with books. The looks feature flowing silk crepe, fringes, headpieces and costume jewelry galore. Dramatic makeup is the finishing touch.

Inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s years in France, this opulent, yet comfortable, bridal suite is decorated in French antiques, prints and paintings, along with paneled wood floors. The corner suite’s southeastern exposure allowed sunlight beautifully illuminated these “brides-to-be.”

Photography Yvonne Taylor
Models Willow Amura & Dina Shamimova
Hair Luigi Parasmo of Luigi Parasmo Salon
Makeup Makeup by Flaminia Garioni of Luigi Parasmo Salon
Production Assistants Sara Gilgore, John Paul Hamilton, & Gwendolyn Shearman

Look 1 & 2
Dress by Monique Lhuillier from Carine’s Bridal Atelier
Jewelry, Vaubel Green earrings from Dalton Pratt
Jewelry, Ash Moonstone Ring from Carine’s Bridal Atelier
Jewelry, Jose pin from Dalton Pratt
Clutch by Maria Elena Headpieces from Carine’s Bridal Atelier

Look 3
Dress by Rivini from Carine’s Bridal Atelier
Jewelry Cheryl King, antique oval bracelet from Dalton Pratt
Jewelry Alyne Square, crystal bracelet from Carine’s Bridal Atelier
Headpiece by Maria Elena Headpieces from Carine’s Bridal Atelier

Look 4
dress by Marchesa from Carine’s Bridal Atelier
Jewelry, Pyrite necklace (worn as bracelet) from Dalton Pratt
Jewelry, Samira necklace (worn as headband) from Dalton Pratt
Stole by Temperley London from Carine’s Bridal Atelier

Look 5 & 6
Dress by Carolina Herrera from Carine’s Bridal Atelier
Jewelry, Vivo Pearl Necklace from Dalton Pratt
Jewelry, Kara Ross Green ring from Dalton Pratt [gallery ids="101166,141726,141706,141721,141712,141718" nav="thumbs"]

Cool It, Bridezilla!

February 28, 2013

Some of the top wedding planners from the Washington, D.C.-metro area have advice and insight about the preparation process, changing trends and stressful situations that often characterize the months leading up to the big day. These experts shared their thoughts with The Georgetowner.

Showing Your Personality in Your Wedding
Finding a planner that clicks with you, I think, makes a big difference, so that you’re picking someone who will guide you through the process and understand you, and has similar tastes to you.– Aimee Dominick, A. Dominick Events

Pick things that are your tastes, don’t try to impress other people. Oftentimes brides are young, and they are trying to make their parents and in-laws happy, but it’s like shopping for shoes – you pick what you like. Genuinely stick to things you like. Don’t be sold by fads.– Michele Hodges, Michele Hodges Events

There are so many ways to do this, and it doesn’t always have to be a major statement. The little touches are often what guests remember most. Whether it’s tying in an aspect of your heritage, the story of how you met or a shared passion, the key is to think about how people would describe your personalities and relationship and going from there.
— Whitney Press, Bella Notte

New Wedding Trends for 2013

We find that people are either going much more nontraditional: they want a standing reception and small plates; or, they are going in the direction of more traditional: they want their invitation to look like their grandparents’ did, they want it to be more elegant and classy, they want swing bands instead of wedding bands. — Aimee Dominick, A. Dominick Events

Vintage glamour is being taken to the next level. People are mixing more glamorous elements, like fine linens and crystal settings, with a homier atmosphere in a rustic outdoor setting.– Stephanie Hughes, Diamond Events

Couples are loving lots of greenery. Whether you suspend laurel branches from the ceiling, create a wall of succulents or line your aisle with boxwood topiaries, it makes things feel fresh and modern.– Whitney Press, Bella Notte

Hand-painted dance floors can make the party unique and help brand a wedding – branding the wedding with a logo or initials that can be duplicated in your invitations and programs. A lot of brides are including letterpress in their invitations with those logos. Also, putting furniture on the sides of the dance floor with big ottomans with comfy pillows.– Michele Hodges, Michele Hodges Events

We are definitely seeing more and more couples forego the idea of a wedding cake in lieu of a table presenting all of their favorite desserts done in miniature. Things like fruit cobblers baked in mini weck jars, s’mores, whoopie pies, profiteroles and even mini layer cakes make for fun presentations.– Allison Jackson, Pineapple Productions

Most of my brides want their wedding somewhere between being of the moment and being timeless. So, even if they love some- thing really trendy or something potentially considered out-of-date, the decision always comes back to their personal connection to an idea and how well it reflects their ideal wedding.– Elizabeth Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan Events

General Advice for Couples

The pieces of advice I give the most to newly engaged couples are “Make Informed Decisions” and “Be True to You.” A wedding is a big moment and a big investment no matter the budget, so it is key to figure out what is most important to the different decision makers and to identify a general budget before making any decisions. Many things can and will evolve and change over the months of planning, but if everyone is on the same page in the beginning, the process is much more enjoyable and productive.– Elizabeth Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan Events

Brides forget the silliest things, like put- ting stamps on their RSVP envelopes. A lot of times they don’t necessarily forget the small details, they just don’t realize how much time these things take. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming, all those little tiny decisions take longer than people anticipate.– Michele Hodges, Michele Hodges Events

Try not to get bogged down by all of the information and ideas out there. Look within before turning to outside resources. Think about your personal interests, your style, your wedding season and venue type before searching magazines and blogs. That will help you create a celebration that is personal and distinctive, rather than something inspired by someone else’s style and ideas.– Allison Jackson, Pineapple Productions

In this day and age, people feel comfort- able working with email. The best advice is to meet with vendors, or at least Skype, so you get the face-to-face experience. Email is great, and people feel really comfortable developing relationships that way, but you want to feel like you are friends with vendors so they can understand the experience that you want to happen on your day.– Stephanie Hughes, Diamond Events.
[gallery ids="101165,141714,141709,141703,141686,141698,141692" nav="thumbs"]

Indochino’s Pop Up Store Coming to Downtown

Indochino, a leading online custom clothing retailer, is bringing its unique experience to D.C. with a pop-up shop at LivingSocial’s F Street space, March 2 through March 10.

The menswear start-up company, based in Vancouver, B.C., allows men to upload their measurements and order their perfectly tailored suits online with just a few clicks. By cutting out the middleman, Indochino says it can offers high-quality suits, coats and accessories at a fraction of the cost of major department stores.

The Traveling Tailor event will bring that online experience to men on the go. Indochino’s fit specialists promise to measure men for their custom suits in 10 minutes and create an online profile for them, free of charge.

Customers can browse the quality fabrics and see the personalized details put into every suit created by Indochino and order at the event or use the online profile to shop at their own convenience. Orders are filled within 42 days and are guaranteed to arrive at your door wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

According to the company, D.C. composes their third largest market in the United States. The pop up shop will be the seventh destination for Indochino in the past year and a half. Most recently, Indochino held a Traveling Tailor show at Grand Central Terminal in New York.

For more information or to make an appointment for the Traveling Tailor event, visit

Fabulous Fashions for the Inaugural Balls

January 17, 2013

For those lucky enough to go to an inaugural ball this weekend, it will be a night to remember for a lifetime. To complement this gorgeous champagne Oscar de la Renta dress, you need the perfect accessories. These Temple St. Clair moonstone, diamond and gold drop earrings, Alexander Mc Queen metallic leather-jeweled chain sandals and Judith Leiber crystal encrusted wristlet all complete this couture look and create the ultimate image.

Oscar de la Renta
A strapless champagne ball gown with thousands of tightly encrusted golden floret palette, $11,650 Available at Neiman Marcus Chevy Chase, Md.

Marco Bicego
18K Gold Cascade Earrings
From the Siviglia Collection. Hand-engraved, 18k gold ovals in an elegant, cascade design

Alexander McQueen
Metallic Leather Jeweled Chain Sandals, $815. Available at Saks 5th Avenue, Chevy Chase. Md. [gallery ids="101119,139553,139548,139538,139544" nav="thumbs"]

Black & White & Chic All Over

December 7, 2012

Classic black and white looks are revamped with bold silhouettes and textural fabrics like lace, leather and sequins.

Yvonne Taylor Photographer

John Paul Hamilton Producer

Anchyi Wei Stylist

Linh Phan, Hair by Be Scene Hair Studio

Carl Ray Make-Up Artist

On Model
Look 1
Blouse, collar and belt Anne Fontaine
Crystal and white sapphire ring, $790 Kara Ross at Tiny Jewel Box

Look 2
Beaded collar, jacket and belt Anne Fontaine

Look 3
Lace blouse and zipped collar Anne Fontaine
Sequin skirt Alice & Olivia
White quartz and diamond ring, $1,450 David Yurman from Tiny Jewel Box
Sterling silver and ceramic necklace, $1,500 DavidYurman from Tiny Jewel Box
Laurenza black and white sapphire bracelets, $1,350 and $950 M.C.L by Matthew Campbell at
Tiny Jewel Box

Look 4
beaded collar and vest Anne Fontaine
Dress worn as a skirt Vincent Licari
Mother-of-pearl and black sapphire necklace worn as a bracelet, $4420 Kara RossTiny Jewel Box

Look 5
Jacket, skirt, and belt used as brooch Anne Fontaine
Black and white sapphire cuffs, $1250, and bracelets, $1350 and $950 M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza at Tiny Jewel Box
Hematite and diamond ring, $1600 David Yurman at Tiny Jewel Box

[gallery ids="101065,137133,137119,137128,137125" nav="thumbs"]

All Wrapped Up

Are you still struggling to find presents for that fashionista on your gift list? Look no further. These looks have all the best gifts that you can find online or at your local retailer.

Makeup – Carl Ray
Styling- Anchyi Wei
Model – Hanni, Miss Sweden
Photographer – Yvonne Taylor
Assisting – Michael Taylor
Manicurist – Titilayo Banko
Producer – John Paul Hamilton

Look 1: Surell Fur Collar: $225, available at Bloomingdale’s
Giorgio Armani Crystal Dress: $7925,
available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
Alexander McQueen Python Clutch: $2295,
available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
Vintage Earrings, stylist’s own

Look 2: Melissa Vap Développé Hat: $495,
Stella McCartney Blazer: $2085, available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
Aqua Sequin Pant: $88, available at Bloomingdale’s
Celine Trapeze Bag: $3600, available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
Prada Cutout Booties: $850, available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
Links of London Britlines Earrings: $370, available at Bloomingdale’s
Anchyi Wei Tribal Silver Necklace: $168,

Look 3: Melissa Vap Battement Hat: $485
Prada Coat: $2995,
Jeweled Collar Shirt: $820
Prada Dress: $2560, available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
Jimmy Choo Cosmic Sequin Pumps: $795, available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
AndreaGems Teeth Earrings: $165

Look4: Melissa Vap Chassé Hat: $325,
Etro Printed Dress: $1580, available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
Jimmy Choo Candy Clutch: $995, available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
Yves Saint Laurent Mirror Heel Pumps: $1050, available at Sak’s Chevy Chase
Anchyi Wei Tribal Silver Chain Earrings: $125,

Look 5: Melissa Vap Faille Orange hat: $300,
Reiss Sequin Dress with Detachable Collar: $425,
available at Bloomingdale’s
Surell Fur Collar: $225,
available at Bloomingdale’s
Salvatore Ferragamo Gold Bonita Pumps: $775,
available at Bloomingdale’s
Stella Valle Hippie Harmony Earrings: $96, and Ann Ring: $96,

[gallery ids="101092,137825,137811,137821,137817" nav="thumbs"]

Basil Soda Takes America

December 6, 2012

If you don’t yet know the name Basil Soda, you soon will. This Beirut-based designer is gaining recognition all over the world for his beautiful designs and attention to detail. He’s making a short tour of the U.S. presenting his newest collection before returning to his beloved state-of-the-art “play- ground” in Lebanon.

With the release of his third collection, Basil Soda garments are making their way into U.S. shops all over the country. Soda’s ready to wear collection has a couture feel to it, while staying modern, feminine and sensible.
This humble designer got his start working with designer Elle Saab, whom he still has good relations with, and considers a big brother. Soda gained experience, and after four years, felt he could go off on his own to begin working on his brand.

Though he has already seen great success with his previous collections, Soda never thinks he’s “made it.” “It’s an achievement for the Lebanese to be accepted in the fashion industry, but still, I don’t put myself in this mold because once you…believe in it, then you don’t move quickly, faster.” Soda says, “I have to keep moving, because my aim is to really create a story around the brand.”

“Now, fashion, the way we are seeing it, is not anymore only trend. It’s not only colors. It’s not cuts. It’s not volumes. It’s just a statement from a designer that [they] bring into the fashion industry, and this is how you recognize new brands. It’s not the color, or what you like, or what you don’t.”

His couture gowns have been popping up all over the red carpet lately. Marion Cotillard, Carla Gugino, Cheryl Cole, Dana Delany and Katy Perry are some of the many stars spotted wearing Basil Soda designs. “Red Carpet will always be our main exercise for the couture. This is where we feel it is giving us quite good visibility,” Soda says. “It is the fastest way to be seen; even the big fashion houses, this is what they are doing and what they are concentrating on.”

Basil Soda cites his inspirations for his collections coming from two sources: music and exhibitions, and, the most important, young people, and how they react to fashion. Soda says when it comes to fashion, one shouldn’t be too practical, and should have confidence to wear what one wants.

“You should love yourself; let’s say you’re tall, short, a brunette, a blonde, fat or skinny,” Soda says. “The first thing, you should love yourself, whatever it is. And when you love yourself, you can express more. You can be more confident about the things that you choose for yourself.”

Soda presented his collection at the René Moawad Foundation Gala at the Ritz Carlton on Nov. 10 to numerous gasps of awe and thunderous applause from the audience. He previewed 45 pieces from both the ready to wear and couture collections, creating a grand finale to an enjoyable gala.

“We need to reflect the good side about ourselves. To put a smile on.” Soda says, speaking on character. “This is what we need, this is why we are doing fashion, to be more happy, more relaxed, enjoying ourselves.


Earthy green hues of emerald, moss or loden can be evocative of a woodsy holiday. Forget what you may think about the Grinch-y color. Soda’s couture dress,? from his fall collection, shows that a smoky green can be alluring and mysterious. More subtly glamorous, it’s a great alternative to red during the holiday season. Accesorize with these Kate Spade sunglasses ($128). Keep the cold out with an elegant fur collar from Brooks Brothers ($298), in keeping with an out- doorsy look.


Closets during this time of the year can seem like an inevitable black hole. This long wool skirt by Michael Kors is a versatile piece that can transition season to season. This purse by Banana Republic ($98) is a fun evening bag that is more playful than a more plain option. The dress is from Basil Soda’s Ready to Wear line.


Get on the bandwagon with Basil Soda’s breezy winter white dress. You can look like an ice queen with blinged-out acces- sories like these Manolo Blahnik pumps ($1,295) or Alexander Wang purse.


Soda’s look is ornate, modern and sultry. You can bring the same vibe to your tech accesso- ries and outerwear. This iPhone case by Banana Republic with card sleeves will keep you organized on the go, and this USB drive ring by Kate Spade is the most glam we’ve ever seen.

Outerwear is an important part of any winter wardrobe, and this Michael Kors coat is a great piece that will set you apart. With its assymetrical buttons and collar, it’s a modern coat in a traditional holiday color. [gallery ids="101077,137279,137274,137268,137262,137258,137252,137290,137246,137295,137240,137299,137234,137304,137284" nav="thumbs"]