The Next Recession: How to Weather the Storm

To protect your money before, during and after a recession, here’s a rundown on five separate portfolios our columnist would recommend setting aside.

Amid Shopping Is Giving Tuesday

What's your favorite charity? Something in the neighborhood, across the nation or at the other side of the world? Tuesday is your chance to...

The Looming Student Debt Apocalypse

Education-related debt impacts more than 44 million of us, who owe a total of $1.5 trillion, making the burden of education the country’s second-largest debt after consumer mortgages.

Tech Tip: Do You Enter Your PIN When Using Your Debit Card?

Run the card as credit and you’ll almost always get more antifraud protection should you have a problem with a purchase or if the card number is stolen.

Your ‘Guaranteed’ Long-Term Care Premium … Isn’t

Buried deep within the fine print of your policy was a disclaimer that probably read something like, “Your rates are subject to future increases.”

Saudi Women Pitch Their Dreams at Halcyon

The budding entrepreneurs shared their stories at an Aug. 16 pitch event in Georgetown, part of their participation in a summer Halcyon Incubator Intensive.

Credit-Card Companies: No Guarantee

In today’s credit-card landscape, you could be missing out on a lot of good freebies — or you could be getting royally screwed.

The Number-One Conversation for Newlyweds

I am often asked, “Who is your perfect client?” People are puzzled when I say: “Whenever I can get a husband and wife to...

2 Overlooked Tax Strategies

A Health Savings Account and a "back-door" Roth IRA are last-minute strategies that can provide significant tax benefits for your investments.

Real Estate: Big Winner in Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

On the surface, it may look like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is bad for real estate. The reduction in the deductibility of...