5 Eateries Closed Around New Year’s

Georgetown took a hit in losing five eateries by the start of January.

The five are Unum, Maxime, Pier 2934, TbSP The Best Sandwich Place and TJ’s Gourmet Deli.

On the 2900 block of M Street, Unum closed in December. Next-door neighbor Maxime closed about a week ago — joined by their neighbor across the street at the corner of 30th and M, Cajun restaurant Pier 2934.

Down the street inside Jefferson Court was TJ’s Gourmet Deli, a breakfast and lunch sandwich joint that also had cold and hot buffets.

At Washington Harbour, next to Bangkok Joe’s at the entrance to the esplanade, was TbSP The Best Sandwich Place.

Nearby, along Thomas Jefferson Street between K Street and the C&O Canal, several food trucks remain. They park on the east side of the street and feed the parking meters during the day to stay in their spots. How these food trucks may have contributed to the restaurant closures is uncertain.

As for the more upscale Unum and Maxime, several insiders said that the plan is to combine the two buildings and open another restaurant, owned by Middle Eastern investors who also own restaurants outside the U.S.

Restaurants Unum and Maxime — at 2917 and 2915 M St. NW, respectively — have closed. Georgetowner photo.


Pier 2934 at 2934 M St. NW. Georgetowner photo.



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