Wild Thistle Kitchen: Ode to Summertime Tomatoes

Cook on a Whim is now Wild Thistle Kitchen! Below are three ways to take advantage of summer’s tomato bounty.

Slow Roasted Tomato Sauce

This is one of the easiest ways to use up a LOT of tomatoes.

This is about five to six pounds of tomatoes, trimmed and roughly chopped — not peeled. Drizzle with olive oil. A little salt and pepper. A few garlic cloves and bay leaves (any herbs you have would be great). Roast for a couple hours at 350 until your house smells amazing and the ’maters are jammy, with their juices reduced significantly.

Make sure to eat a few straight out of the pan with some good bread and THEN you can blend it up for sauce (after removing the bay leaves) and use it for pizza like we did last night — or for pasta, soup, however you want. Been making this for years. It’s a good reason to plant way too many tomato plants.

Courtesy Wild Thistle Kitchen.

Tomato Sandwich

And if you haven’t made yourself a tomato sandwich yet this season, you better get on it!

The humble, beloved tomato sandwich; if you know, you know. Because of its simplicity, I have a few hard and fast rules.

Bread: Lightly toasted, really good white bread. Thick so that it gets toasty on the outside but stays soft and fluffy on the inside.

Mayo: I’m usually all about homemade mayo, but on this I prefer store-bought, Duke’s brand, if you please. But use your favorite.

Tomatoes: Homegrown or farmer’s market. Hard stop.

Here’s a link to my favorite sandwich bread: Honey White Sandwich Bread

Courtesy Wild Thistle Kitchen.

Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes With Flaky Sea Salt

Or, just slice them up, sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy. You really can’t go wrong with summertime tomatoes.

Courtesy Wild Thistle Kitchen.


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