Real Estate: ‘The Ever-Changing Plans of the Key Bridge Exxon’

The Exxon gas station site on the western edge of Georgetown has gone through more development plans than Liz Taylor had husbands. Over the last decade, the site located at 3601 M St. NW had plans to become condos, a gondola stop, an EV charging station, and now the latest—graduate student housing.  

Altus Realty has submitted a plan to build a structure that would house around 50 graduate students. The project plans were recently given to the DC Historic Preservation Office for construction. PGN Architects, who designed the potential structure, envision the building in line with previous concepts for 3601 M St. NW. 

Over 10 years ago, Eastbanc had submitted plans for a 35-37 unit, five-story development while the Exxon station was still open. The plans went through design iteration after iteration, with size changes off and on over the next few years.  

About six years ago, the site was a frontrunner for the D.C. stop of the aerial gondola that would connect Rosslyn and Georgetown. You can find more about that project in our August 2021 story here. Last year, D.C. Council member Brooke Pinto included in her budget priorities a request for $14 million to take the gondola a step closer to being a reality.  

In 2017, Altus Realty Group took over from Eastbanc and pitched a 21-unit development that has been in just as much limbo as the other ideas.  

Given the stream of possibilities floated for the site, the graduate student housing will probably not be the last news for the former Exxon at 3601 M St. NW. In fact, this evening’s ANC Agenda does include a note about the site. It’s currently sixth on the list, reading:  

SMD 2E05 – OG 22-286 (HPA 22-483)
3601 M Street, NW (Square 1202, Lot 64)
New Construction

More information on the agenda can be found here


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