Downtowner News Briefs, Aug. 7

Beyoncé Concert Delayed, Her Tour Funds Metro Post-Close 

After a lightning delay caused Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour to start later than expected, 60,000 concertgoers spent hours in the concourse and ramp areas, or were told to wait inside their cars as the severe weather passed. Since the concert took place on a Sunday evening, Metro typically closes at midnight. Beyoncé’s tour ended up chipping in $100,000 to keep all 98 Metro stations open for exiting customers one extra hour. 

Taylor Swift Snubs D.C. Area Concert Venues — Again 

Superstar Taylor Swift announced another small leg of her massively popular Eras Tour earlier this month. With it comes multiple dates in Toronto, Indianapolis, Miami and New Orleans. Unfortunately, no D.C. area venues are on the list. The last time Swift was in the area was 2018 for a two-night stay at FedEx Field.  

Taylor Swift’s last appearance in D.C. was for her 2018 Reputation tour.

Questions Still Linger as to Who Knew of Mayor’s Office Adviser John Falcicchio’s Behavior 

After months of looking at evidence and interviews, an official review concluded that former top adviser to Mayor Muriel E. Bowser made unwelcome sexual advances toward two female employees. The investigations did not bring up whether any in the Bowser administration knew that the former adviser, John Falcicchio (who served as deputy mayor for planning and economic development), was mistreating his employees. Mayor Bowser said she had no knowledge of the allegations before the alleged victims filed complaints. However, there are lingering questions as to what Bowser did know given Falciccho’s many years in her political orbit. Mayor Bowser won a third term in November and has since helped spark questions on what she knew because she has opposed calls for an independent investigation. 

Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio at Black Lives Matter Plaza (16th Street NW). Photo by Robert Devaney.

Local Covid Numbers Creep Up Ahead of Fall Season 

While Covid-19 cases are far from what they were a few years ago, case number are starting to creep back up in the area. Positivity rates at over 30 MedStar Health urgent cares in the DMV are up to 13 percent. At the height of the pandemic, it was over 40 percent. However, at the beginning of July it was at 7 percent, so it’s something to “keep an eye on,” Director of Advanced Practice at MedStar Health Amanda Joy told WTOP. 

New Go-Go Museum Gets Opening Date 

D.C.’s long-awaited go-go museum finally has an opening date — February 19, 2024. The museum is small, just over 3,000 square-feet, but will tell the story of the origins of go-go music in D.C. on the walls and floor, utilizing as much space as possible. The museum is the creation of go-go promoter and veteran community advocate Ronald Moten. It began with a $50,000 city grant and is also assisted with private donations. 





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