Real Estate: Georgetown’s Historic ‘The Colonial’ Now Condos

An 18-unit condo building called “The Colonial” located at 1305-1315 30th St. NW is the perfect blend of the storied and the new. The site’s modern amenities combined with the rich historical background of Georgetown make for an ideal addition to the neighborhood.

Developer Golden Eagle Group created units ranging in price from $950,000 to $1.69 million. Sales will be conducted through Nathan Guggenheim, Anne Savage, Robert Hryniewicki, Adam Rackliffe, Christopher Leary and Micah Smith of HRL Partners at Washington Fine Properties.

“The preservation mindset of Georgetown is so wonderful, as history and architecture are revered,” Guggenheim told The Georgetowner. “The Colonial offers its future owners an exciting opportunity to become stewards of a piece of Georgetown’s architectural lexicon with a rich history and storied past.”

Part of its storied past: the building was built in the 1820s and served as a seminary for women until 1861. Visitors included three past presidents: James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and Martin Van Buren. Andrew Johnson’s daughter is thought to have attended school there (according to a historical marker).

Decades later, the building was made for use as a Civil War military hospital post First Battle of Bull Run in 1861, after a Union Army defeat. Army doctor and the sole woman to be awarded the Medal of Honor, Mary Walker, worked at the hospital. Another interesting fact: poet Walt Whitman volunteered to care for wounded at the hospital as well.

“Our main objective in redeveloping the property is to bring it back to its former glory and make it a historic landmark once again,” said Irfan Totonji, CEO and co-founder of the Golden Eagle Group, to The Georgetowner. “This, to me, is the most important part of the project.”

Post-Civil War, the building was converted to apartment rental units. Now, the original and restored details of the building shine through as it undergoes renovations to link the 200-year-old history with present-day comforts.

The Colonial has two three-bedroom units, six two-bedroom units and 10 one-bedroom units. All but six of the units have decks with views of the Potomac and Washington Monument. Seven condos have already been sold as of press time. Square footage ranges from 777 to 1,422 square-feet. Occupancy is expected by year’s end.

“The Golden Eagle team is honored to have been the conservator of the Colonial, a true icon in Georgetown’s historical landscape,” said Abduljabar “Jabs” Totonji, CIO of Golden Eagle Group, to The Georgetowner. “We have taken every effort to create a thoughtful renovation that seamlessly blends modern amenities with the charm and character of the Colonial’s original design.”


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